The Enginuity Group

What Does The Enginuity Group License Cost?

Cash Required:$15,000-20,000 (includes the $18,750 licensing fee)
Total Investment:$20,000 - $30,000

Company Details

Total Units:10
Year Founded:2013
Home Office: Kansas

Enjoy An Exciting & Lucrative Career
As A Licensed E|Enginuity
Business Intermediary

There are some 28 million businesses in the US. Each one, at any given time, is engaged in either growing, correcting or looking toward a short or long-term transition to a new owner. There are various entities who assist owners to sell their companies and buyers to find companies to acquire. Business brokers work with smaller companies and Business Intermediaries work with larger companies.

The Enginuity Group and its principals have been buying, selling and turning around companies for over 35 years. During that time, they have seen most all the common mistakes made by business brokers, accountants and lawyers in bringing qualified buyers and managing the transition process. They have also seen millions of dollars wasted and/or “left on the table” due to a lack of understanding of how to craft the best deal structure to maximize investment returns for their clients. And mostly, they have had to muddle their way through many deals that were disorganized and chaotic resulting in valuable wasted time and money.

Because of the very non standardized, mostly unregulated approach to both business sales and acquisitions, and drawing from decades of experience in standardizing components and processes of similar industries, EE has applied simple, yet effective, standardized approaches to the process of being a lower middle market Business Intermediary and have packaged that into a professional Business Intermediary Licensing program now offered to qualified individuals and companies who would like to learn how to be an E|Enginuity Business Intermediary and grow their own operation under the EE banner.

Program Components

An E|E Licensed Business Intermediary is provided with a comprehensive package including:

  • One full week of In-depth classroom training
  • Assigned your own seasoned M/A professional to mentor and support you in start up and growth
  • In the field training in your licensed territory with you and clients
  • A 30 component “tool kit” will all materials you will need for your operation
  • Personal CRM for marketing and client project management
  • Initial 6-month PR and marketing campaign to target clients and media in your territory
  • Ongoing corporate and regional office marketing leads and back office assistance
  • A very lucrative project fee sharing arrangement unlike anything in the industry

Fees & Financial Rewards

Most Business Intermediaries make from $250,000 to over $500,000 a year, and those who hire agents to assist them, make into the millions of dollars per year. Although no fees are guaranteed, with the comprehensive package and in-depth training, if you meet the qualifications, you can be off to a very rewarding career as a licensed B}Enginuity Business Intermediary.

Unlike similar business broker franchises that charge from $50,000 to over $150,000, the E|E model is much different with a total package fee of only $9750 for a protected territory of approximately 3,000,000 in population, and with a fee sharing structure that is by far the highest in the industry. In addition to the license fee, you should have about the same in working capital as you will have expenses to get started, e.g. printing, telephone, travel and local advertising.


These are required. If you do not possess these skills and background, there is no point in requesting program information.

You should have a background in either owning a company or running a large portion of one or had been providing business management consulting type service, have been in the business brokerage business, and also be good with people and comfortable in high level sales. In addition, you must also have a basic understand of accounting and finance. Without such basic skills, you would have a hard time learning this unique trade. That said, if you are an entrepreneur who does have such background, you can become a fully licensed E|Enginuity Business Intermediary and run your own operation from your home or as an add on to your related existing business.

Interested in learning more? Upon receipt of your interest, E|Enginuity will provide you with complete information on the program. Fill out the form today.


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