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Far from luxury items, most families today have at least 2 cars. Whether it's getting you to work and back again, shuttling the kids from school to the soccer field, hauling groceries from the store to the front door, or taking you and your loved ones on your yearly trek to the beach, the family auto is a critical component to our daily lives. And as such, it’s important to keep our vehicles in tip-top shape.

That’s why the automobile industry is as strong now as ever. Automobile servicing, parts, repair, and related auto services are almost as important as the family doctor!

Did you know?

There were more than 31,000 automotive franchises in the U.S. in 2015

SOURCE: International Franchise Association; IHS Global Insight

Auto franchises are expected to account for nearly $44 billion in economic output in 2016

SOURCE: International Franchise Association

More than 193,000 were employed by the automotive franchise industry in 2015

SOURCE: International Franchise Association

U.S. automotive parts aftermarket is expected to reach $149 billion in 2016.


Types of Auto Franchises

As long as we drive cars, those cars will need auto mechanics (professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike). Those mechanics will need replacement parts. When those cars are running great, owners will want them to look great, which means car washes, custom paint jobs, and aftermarket parts to “trick out” rides. And when the occasional accident happens, we'll need insurance agents, auto body shops, dent repair, and paint shops. These days there are even mobile car detailing services. So, what type of auto franchise sounds good to you?

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Why Consider an Automotive Franchise

With consumer drivers leasing or owning cars for a longer period of time, their long-term investment in a vehicle can provide you with a chance to capitalize upon their need for quality maintenance to keep their cars running smoothly and looking great. With initial investments starting at $20,000, you can shift gears on your career and place yourself in the driver’s seat with an automotive franchise.

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