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With around 93% of U.S households owning a vehicle, a gas station franchise makes for a great option for any ambitious entrepreneur. According to a Gallup poll, in the United States, 64% of cars are driven daily - imagine the demand for gas and you'll realize the potential of owning a gas station franchise. A gas station doesn't just offer gas, they double as convenience stores where the range and demands of items are ever-increasing. Today these stores not only provide automotive supplies and snacks, but are also delicatessens with a wide array of meals to offer as well as a full-scale coffee bar.
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Types of Gas Station Franchises

Today, gas stations are more than just a place to refuel. Most gas station franchises today are a combination of a gas station and truck stop. But what were once stores offering a quick snack are now full-time delis that provide fresh food, gourmet coffee, and more. Furthermore, these convenience stores will sell just about anything you'd need on a trip. From merchandise to clothes, cold drinks and potato chips... you name it.

Why Consider a Gas Station?

Purchasing a gas station franchise is an ideal investment. With approximately 1.88 vehicles per household on average in the United States and more than 90% of households owning at least one car, you won't be running out of customers. Attaching your franchise to the name of a brand will offer your business safety and assurance for the future. Moreover, new laws requiring security and environmental upgrades will be the responsibility of your parent company, saving you from financial burden. Lastly, your parent company will make sure to train and educate you to make your franchise a success, for you and them

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