Martial Arts Franchises

Martial arts can build confidence, boost self-esteem and teach discipline. Those are just some of the reasons the teaching of martial arts to children continues to grow in popularity. Adults are also interested in learning the skill, which can offer many physical and mental benefits. If offering these opportunities to the public appeals to you, a martial arts franchise could be a smart business investment you should investigate.

Did You Know?

In 2016, about 2.45 million people, age six and up, participated in mixed martial arts for fitness.


Martial arts studios grew by 4.2% a year between 2012 and 2017.


Revenue from U.S. martial arts studios totaled about $4 billion in 2017.


3.26% of Americans stated they participate in martial arts regularly.






Types of Martial Arts Franchises

When it comes to types of martial arts franchises you can concentrate on teaching children, adults or a mix of age groups. There are also different types of martial arts that a franchise can focus on. Today, many martial arts franchises are also working to help their youngest members address issues such as low self-esteem and bullying to help them succeed in life.

Why Consider Martial Arts Franchises

A martial arts franchise is an excellent way to provide many mental and physical benefits to people in your community of all ages. If you like the idea of a franchise business that supports building people up and improving their lives, this can be an ideal opportunity that also provides you a stable revenue stream. Working with a proven franchise system will provide guidance on the business side, allowing you to focus your energy more on instruction, if you prefer.

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Martial Arts Opportunities Currently Available:

The Tapout Fitness opportunity brings the “best of the best” in the fitness sector to its franchisees, providing some of the most powerful tools in the industry to help you become successful. We offer a turnkey business...

100k Minimum Cash Required

For the very first time, you can own a piece of the fastest growing sport brand in the world! The health, wellness and fitness industry is booming, giving franchise owners the opportunity to turn their passion for fitness...

100k Minimum Cash Required

PRO Martial Arts Business Attributes: Can keep your Job (Semi-absentee, executive model), Only 150K investment (includes working capital), Only 4 employees, Easy to Staff and manage, No Karate experience needed, Bullying and...

50k Minimum Cash Required

Born in a warehouse in Hoboken NJ, CKO Kickboxing has grown over the years into a local fitness legend. With 20 years of Fitness experience behind him, Joe Andreula turned his dream into a reality and is now sharing this...

50k Minimum Cash Required

Fit Body Boot Camp's business model has been tested and refined in hundreds of boot camps worldwide to develop a low cost, turn-key franchise business model. We provide franchise owners with end-to-end support, which starts...

20k Minimum Cash Required is a revolutionary kickboxing franchise. For our members who workout with us, we've created a super-fun, exciting program that uses real kickboxing gloves, real heavy bags, can real kickboxing techniques...

70k Minimum Cash Required

No Limits Martial Arts offer safe, exciting and fun martial arts classes for students of all ages. With the development of our franchise exclusive Bully Block Program, our programs build Confidence for Life in each student....

100k Minimum Cash Required
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