Home Care Assistance

What Does a Home Care Assistance Franchise Cost?

Cash Required:$70,000
Net Worth Required:$100,000
Total Investment:$179,000 - $203,950

Franchisor Details

Total Units:150 Open; 160 Sold
Year Founded:2002
Franchising Since:2005
Entrepreneur Franchise 500, Top 50 Franchise Franchise Business Review, INC 5000, Best of Home Care

What Does Home Care Assistance Do?

Learn What it Means to Become Part of Our Senior Home Care Franchise Family

At Home Care Assistance, we are passionate about one thing: serving seniors with kindness, respect and compassion.

Our History

In 2002, the founders of Home Care Assistance were inspired to start their own home care company when they discovered the options for hiring outside care for their own aging parents were not suitable. Most care companies focus on building relationships with hospitals instead of the families of their clients. Our founders saw a need for a home care company that focused on the needs of the consumer—usually adult children searching for the right professional care for their aging parents and loved ones.

Not only were most home care services failing to meet the real needs of their customers, they were also unprofessional. About 9 in 10 were “mom and pop” companies, and even larger franchises operated in a comparable fashion, running home-based businesses or operating from small business parks off the beaten path. In an effort to professionalize the business of in-home-care, Home Care Assistance was born.

In 2005, we began franchising. Our goal was to deliver our revolutionary home care services to more customers in territories throughout the world. Each franchise territory receives the resources, training and support necessary to ensure that their quality mirrors that of the original pilot office. We design each territory and help franchise owners achieve their goals by coaching them through our proven model. To date, we’ve added over 130 locations around the world.

What Makes Home Care Assistance Different?

Here are a few of the factors that continue to set us apart:

  • We focus on clients. We emphasize a concierge-level customer experience and premium, longer-hour home care. We focus on happiness, health and purpose.
  • We focus on families. At Home Care Assistance, we focus on families. We provide our savvy consumers with a home care brand with which they can identify.
  • We focus on professionalism. We also focus on providing our services from beautiful, professional retail storefront locations.
  • We focus on doing things better. We developed our methods for care—including our Balanced Care Method and our book Happy to 102—based on years of research conducted in Okinawa, Japan.
  • We focus on wellness. Our CEO, Lily Sarafan, was named the 2016 Woman of the Year by Women Health Care Executives! The programs we’ve created are the most groundbreaking and revolutionary in the home care industry, including the Cognitive Therapeutics Method, which is a program developed to keep aging minds sharp and to help delay the onset of cognitive decline.

Isn’t It Your Turn To Be The Boss?

What Is the Process of Becoming a Home Care Assistance Franchise Owner?

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a franchise owner with Home Care Assistance, we encourage you to contact us. Our field team can provide you with the information and resources you need to decide whether or not this decision is right for you. For each franchise prospect our team works together to provide a customized path to ownership. This process includes weekly calls with strategists and franchise owners. We provide the information potential franchisees need to make an informed decision.

Fill Out The Form For More Info About Our Industry Leading Programs & Care

Most of our franchise owners are family teams just like the original individuals behind Home Care Assistance’s pilot office. We view helping other franchise owners as family helping family. At Home Care Assistance, we understand this business. Our goal is to help you run the best business in home care with the understanding that this will take a commitment from both sides.

Training For Home Care Franchisees & Caregivers

Get a Coach, Friend & Strategist Every Step of the Way

At Home Care Assistance, we believe that it is important to provide our franchisees with all the resources and tools they need to provide the best service to their clients. To this end, we work hard to have a rich library of training tools and resources available. Our franchise training and support system is unparalleled in the home care industry and we believe it is part of the reason for our continued success.

Initial Five-Day Training Program

The initial program we provide our franchisees lasts five days and takes place at our global headquarters. Topics covered include:

  • Operations
  • Client care
  • Employee care
  • Marketing

During this training program, you’ll work with our corporate team and receive valuable instruction in the day-to-day as well as big-picture aspects of running your Home Care Assistance franchise. Along the way you’ll hear from a wide variety of Home Care Assistance franchisees and receive helpful insight from caregivers and operators. We’ll introduce you to the Home Care Assistance University, an online training portal with recorded web-based seminars covering a variety of valuable topics related to the business. This training program will start you off perfectly on your journey to success.

12 Month Marketing Program

Our Marketing Team has developed a month-by-month action plan that will prove invaluable as you start your business. Your success matters to us—it reflects our own! We want you to be successful in building a recognizable, reputable brand within your community. Using this plan, you will immediately start generating leads, building key relationships with referral sources and building awareness around the Home Care Assistance brand in your community.

What Does It Cost?

Home Care Franchise Opportunities

Because of its immense growth, the Home Care Assistance brand has lucrative Home Care franchise options available. This success is due to the industry-leading programs and care that Home Care Assistance provides. Other home care agencies can’t compare with the personalized service options and individualized care that define the Home Care Assistance experience. On average, Home Care Assistance locations that have been open for at least 12 months have an average revenue of $1,464,020. In fact, one of our locations achieved $15 million last year alone! Furthermore, the median average (the absolute middle) for third year performance is: $1,322,366. That means 50% do better! Furthermore, location high revenue records were set in 2015 for year 1, 2, and 3, performance. Ask to see our Item 19!

Home Care Assistance Franchise Estimated Investment

Franchise fees start at $32,475 for a territory of 100,000 residents. Applicants for a Home Care Assistance Franchise must have a credit score of 720 and at least $125,000 in cash assets. Third party financing may be available. Talk to a Home Care Assistance representative for more information if you are interested in third party financing possibilities.

Estimated investment costs can look like the following:

  • $64,950 franchise fee for a territory population of 200,000
  • $15,000 estimated initial set-up costs: including license, signage, furniture, office equipment
  • $10,000-$12,000 monthly business expenses: including marketing, rent, salaries and insurance

This brings the total cost to $199,000-$223,950, including the franchise fee.

We can personalize franchise territories to perfectly fit your chosen market, starting at 200,000 residents and up to, or more than, 500,000 residents.

A franchise investment overview can look like the following:

  • A total estimated investment starting as low as $199,000
  • Required liquid assets starting at $100,000
  • A royalty fee of 5% of gross revenue
  • Marketing expenditures of $3,000 per month

*These estimates are for the first year of building the business

As the market for senior care continues to grow, the financial opportunity for investing in a Home Care Assistance franchise is promising. Home Care Assistance is passionate about making sure each and every one of our locations reaches its full potential, from quality senior care to successful business growth. Home Care coaches and support teams will be there to advise franchisees every step of the way, helping them to achieve financial success for their location.

Senior Home Care Industry Trends

Starting a Home Care Franchise Now

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 2012 resulted in the doubling of the U.S. senior population (individuals aged 65 and older)—a trend that is projected to continue throughout 2050. In 2012, the United States had an estimated senior population of 43.1 million. By 2050, that number is estimated to reach 83.7 million, in part due to baby boomer’s reaching senior age. Another factor is the increase in lifespan and improved mortality rates over the past few decades.

What This Means for In-Home Care Franchises

The baby boomer generation has become a senior boomer generation. Due to this larger number of senior-aged individuals, the in-home care industry is expected to grow accordingly. This means there are plenty of market openings, and plenty of room to grow. But does in-home care have enough of a specific demand?

According to the AARP , 9 out of 10 seniors wish to be taken care of and age peacefully within the comfort and familiarity of their own home. There is a need for quality in-home care that isn’t only focused on developing relationships with hospitals, but is focused on creating genuine, loving relationships with the families of aging individuals.

Home Care Assistance brings the following to the home care franchise industry:

  • A concierge level customer experience
  • Caregivers trained in the Balanced Care Method
  • Access to the groundbreaking program, Cognitive Therapeutics Method
  • Personalized care that is family-focused

Home Care Assistance is the only franchise that offers options such as these. Programs and books, such as Happy to 102, that have been developed and written by Home Care Assistance make it an identifiable brand that people can trust for quality, integrity and innovative solutions to the burgeoning need for in-home care.

Ready to take the next step? Learn more about our franchise opportunities by filling out the form today.

Million Dollar Club Success Stories

Randy and Ted Holmgren, Franchise Owners, Scottsdale, AZ
Randy and Ted Holmgren decided to purchase a Home Care Assistance franchise after looking at several other senior care franchises and realizing that Home Care Assistance was “head and shoulders above the rest”.

Open since January 2012, Randy and Ted are well on their way to becoming the leading provider of in-home care services in the Scottsdale market. They are achieving this in a number of ways, but “employing higher quality caregivers” in conjunction with the company’s “unique care approaches (i.e. the Balanced Care Method and the Cognitive Therapeutics Method)” are instrumental in their success and the quality of care they provide their clients. When it comes to the Cognitive Therapeutics Method, in their words, “It is the differentiator when discussing how they compare with other home care agencies. It is making a difference in the quality of life of their clients.

Ted and Randy shared the following story about a client that illustrates the extra mile they go to expertly match their clients with the best caregiver based on his/her needs and personality: “One of the first clients we worked with was struggling with limited mobility (resulting from a fall) and struggling with the recent loss of her husband. She did not want to engage in social activities in her church and community as she was accustomed to doing before she experienced the aforementioned setbacks. The caregiver that we placed with her was a great companion. Not only did the caregiver care for the client’s physical needs, but she also provided her with some much needed motivation. She was able to encourage her to attend an upcoming church gathering that she had previously decided not to go to because the client claimed that she didn’t have anything to wear and wasn’t up to getting her hair and nails done. The caregiver provided just enough encouragement (and a little coaxing and persuasion) to take the steps to help her get ready for the church gathering; she also painted a picture as to why she would enjoy it. This experience is one we won’t forget.”

Lauren Robison, Franchise Owner, Bedford, NH
Ms. Robison chose to become a Home Care Assistance franchise owner because of the company’s creative approach to home care, the Balanced Care Method and its strong leadership team.

Lauren first opened her doors in August 2010 and has been helping families throughout New Hampshire and providing “the highest quality of home care services in the region” ever since! When asked what has led to her “Million Dollar Club” success and how she is changing the way the world ages, Lauren says it best: “We provide the best service in NH! Our client experience and communication is unparalleled.”

Margalit Tocher, Franchise Owner, Greater Chicago
In January of 2009, Home Care Assistance of Greater Chicago opened their doors to the public and by March were off and running serving their first clients.

The Franchise owners chose Home Care Assistance because of the “Quality of Life focus” and unique business model, which they believed would give them the best opportunity to grow a scalable business.

Like many Home Care Assistance franchise owners, Chicago operates multiple offices within their territory including the towns of Kenilworth and Hinsdale, and plan to open an office in downtown Chicago later this year.

Home Care Assistance Chicago’s path to the Million Dollar club was no surprise. Margalit Tocher, President of Home Care Assistance of Greater Chicago says it best: “We are passionate about positively impacting Quality of Life for our clients, their families, our caregivers, and our office staff. How neat is that??”

Cognitive Therapeutics is great! “So many people are concerned about short-term memory loss. To know that they’re working with a company who “gets it” is a huge comfort for them.”

“The Balanced Care Method is also a great differentiator and is my favorite program offered by Home Care Assistance.”

Kevin McClarren, Franchise Owner, New Jersey
Kevin McClarren opened his doors in Warren, New Jersey in November of 2005.

“I chose Home Care Assistance because of the open and honest relationship I knew I could have with the Corporate support team. It was clear that our relationship would be more of a mutual partnership.”

“As a team we want to make a positive difference in the lives of our clients. I am blessed to have led a team over the last ten years that is living that mission, every day. It is truly a humbling experience to be part of this.”

“We have been able to provide something unique to our clients, caregivers, and partners through the Cognitive Therapeutics Brain Fitness classes. All of our major partners have been a host for the CTM Brain Fitness sessions. This has resulted in increased business for our franchise.”

Part of what makes this franchise unique are the interactions you will have with families. Kevin shares such a story here: “Early on in the business we were blessed to take care of an elderly client in the later stages of her life.” Thanks to unique Home Care Assistance programs such as HCAMatch we were able to select a great team of caregivers that we knew would be a great fit for our client who needed care around the clock. “Our client’s family was amazed by the love and compassion that was displayed by all of our caregivers. The family was so grateful to our team for the work they did, bringing out the best in their Mom during such a stressful time, leaving them with a beautiful memory of the last few weeks of her life. It was then that I knew that I had selected the right path for my career.”

“Our team members come from diverse backgrounds, yet we are all inspired, driven and united by the Home Care Assistance value of Changing the way the world ages. Our caregiver team has been able to reach out to our local community and provide them resources very unique to maintaining a better quality of life.”

Jorge & Monica Cordero, Franchise Owners, Naples, FL
After months of investigation and comparing all available home care companies, Jorge and Monica Cordero opened their Home Care Assistance franchise in Naples, FL in October 2013.

“Home Care Assistance is the most innovative brand and has the best competitive advantages among all other senior care companies. We liked the energy, enthusiasm and the support of the team. The business model was well focused and targeted the right client.”

Jorge & Monica love helping others and the satisfaction that comes with it: “We have embraced Cognitive Therapeutics since day one, it has been a key factor in our success! Each client experience is so special, it’s difficult to choose just one. We always love when we make a perfect match between the client and caregiver. It’s amazing how much a caregiver can improve a seniors’ quality of life by being a good companion and friend. When we do home visits it’s great to observe clients and caregiver’s out on walks, doing Cognitive Therapeutics activities or cooking a meal together. When we observe the Balanced Care Method we know we are “Changing the Way the World Ages.”

Will Reid and Steve Sudberry, Franchise Owners, Cincinnati, OH
Will and Steve opened in October 2013 and immediately started “providing the highest quality care in our market”– according to Will.

“Hands down, we are the best home care model in the industry. No other agency comes close. No other agency in our market has anything like Cognitive Therapeutics (CTM). At least half of our business is attributed to CTM. We aspire to one day have sales of $10,000,000 + and dominate our market!

Will shares a client case study: “We have a current client that started with us right after we opened. She has dementia and her world had been reduced to being confined in her condo. The majority of her day was spent looking out the window and sleeping. She had lost 25 pounds and her health was failing. A Faith Community Nurse within her church contacted us and we began providing care soon after. We immediately began working on all phases of the Balanced Care Method. Within 6 months she had gained all her weight back and was working out with our caregiver on the treadmill in her building. We also provided caregiver–delivered Cognitive Therapeutics. Our care has enabled her to reconnect with friends and to regularly attend church services again. We also reintroduced her to the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra where she is in regular attendance. While we can’t fix the dementia that plagues her world, our services have given her life back. It’s been one of the most beautiful stories we've experienced.”

“We are changing the way the world ages in Cincinnati by being the first and only home care option that offers a concierge level of service with best in class caregivers and an unparalleled approach to dementia care.”

Kathy Herrfeldt, Franchise Owner, Sacramento, CA
After reviewing at least six other franchises Kathy decided to become a Home Care Assistance franchise owner and opened her doors in June 2013.

“I found that Home Care Assistance was the best fit for me. The focus on technology that improves clients care and benefits the business owner aligned with what is important to me as well as my vision and background. Home Care Assistance supported my desire to own my own business, creating a culture of respect and dignity, doing well by doing good.

Home Care Assistance’s leadership is smart, innovative and truly believes in the success of the franchisees.

As a Home Care Assistance franchise owner, I find great satisfaction in helping my staff. My Home Care Assistance franchise is sending two staff members to a women’s mentoring event where they can discuss their personal and professional goals with woman leaders in the area. I get great satisfaction watching my team grow as people.

We are raising the level of care for our clients AND creating a culture of respect and dignity for all HCA staff and Care Partners in the Sacramento area. I love what I do because we help improve our clients lives! This improvement allows the family to step away from a care giving role and be a family member again. The dynamic that is changed by bringing in our services is a benefit to everyone.”

Steps To Ownership

Home Care Franchise Opportunities

With a Home Care Assistance franchise, you not only have the opportunity to make money, but also to make a big difference and impact in your community. Our support team is there for you as you transition from your current job to your new position as owner of a franchise. We understand this is an exciting, but big life change. You can trust our team to go the extra mile to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Watch your dreams of business ownership become a reality!

Begin Your Path

Take a look at the steps to ownership for a Home Care Assistance franchisee:

1) Talk with a Home Care Assistance Franchise Development Coach.
In this step, you will talk to an HCA Development Coach to learn more about the home care industry and Home Care Assistance franchise opportunities. Our coach will also learn more about you.

2) Talk with a current Home Care Assistance franchise owner after an initial FDD review.
You will have the chance to speak with a current franchise owner in this step. We will also cover our cost and revenue averages in our Item 19.

3) Complete your franchise application.
To assist us in determining your best path to ownership, you will complete an informal application. We will never contact your employer; all of your information is entirely confidential.

4) Undergo franchise support, mentoring, systems and coaching discussions.
Franchise owners talk with our support team every step of the way, whether it’s about site selection or about business marketing using our 12 Month Marketing Plan, a step-by-step guide to marketing your business over the course of the first year.

5) Develop future goals and strategic business plans.
In this step, we will discuss your future development strategy and growth goals. Home Care Assistance operates over 20 “company-owned” locations, so you can trust we know how to run multiple stores well.

6) Discuss your Franchise Disclosure Document.
Your investment and franchise agreement navigation, among other important topics, will be discussed by you and your Franchise Mentor.

7) Call different franchise owners.
At this point, you will have spoken to five Home Care Assistance franchise owners by either reaching out to them directly, or through our weekly conference calls.

8) Attend a Home Care Assistance Discovery Day.
For half a day at our franchise headquarters in Palo Alto, CA, you will be able to meet and talk with senior level executives that have impacted the Home Care Assistance brand at its core. You will get an in-depth look at your role as a Home Care Assistance franchise owner.

9) Sign the franchise agreement.
Once you have signed the franchise agreement, you will meet your franchise support team. At this time you may schedule your training date in Palo Alto and start searching for an office space.

10) Undergo formal training.
This week will be filled with exciting and interactive training sessions that are customized for your needs. All training will take place in a classroom on iPads.

Our Leadership Team

Lily Sarafan, Chief Executive Officer
Lily Sarafan is CEO of Home Care Assistance, the fastest growing company in the $100B in-home care industry. Under Lily’s leadership for more than a decade, Home Care Assistance grew from startup to venture-backed growth company to industry champion and today employs more than 6,000 team members across 150 global markets. The company is consistently recognized as an employer of choice and best-in-class consumer product, and Lily as a featured expert on digital health and the future of aging at the White House and conferences around the world. She serves on the boards of several high-impact organizations including the Stanford Alumni Association, the Berkeley Haas Center for Entrepreneurship and Development, and the National Iranian American Council. Across various public and private sector initiatives, Lily plays a leadership role to advance economic development, civil society, and interdisciplinary approaches to business and social impact. One of Silicon Valley’s 40 Under 40, she has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur and Inc. Lily holds an M.S. in Management Science and Engineering and B.S. in Science Technology and Society with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies from Stanford University, where she was Eben Tisdale Fellow and Class President.

Chen Xie, Chief Financial Officer and VP of Corporate Development
Chen Xie is Chief Financial Officer and VP of Corporate Development for Home Care Assistance. Chen joined Home Care Assistance from McKinsey and Company where he served as a consultant in the health care industry. At McKinsey, Chen advised senior executives in multiple Fortune 500 companies and top 10 healthcare companies in strategy, finance, operations and investment strategy. As Chief Financial Officer of Home Care Assistance, Chen is responsible for the financial strength of the company, overseeing the Finance department, making investment decisions and developing analytics tools and programs. As Vice President of Corporate Development, Chen helps drive our company’s growth and expansion by contributing to new tools, processes and systems and opening new corporate locations. Chen received his degree in Economics and Psychology with High Honors from Harvard University.

Barbara Schuh, Vice President of Franchise Operations
Barbara Schuh is Vice President of Franchise Operations for Home Care Assistance. Barbara joined Home Care Assistance in YEAR and oversees every aspect of franchise operations from sales and marketing to employee and client care to ensure that all locations achieve operational excellence. Barbara has over 20 years of home care operations and management experience, having owned, operated and sold a multi-million dollar home care agency. A well-known geriatric care management and senior care expert, Barbara is a member of the Aging Life Care Association. Barbara holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Psychology and was honored as Humanitarian of the Year by the John Muir Foundation.

Russell Gesher, Head of Franchise Operations
Russell Gesher has been with Home Care Assistance since 2007 and is Head of Franchise Operations. Russell supports all phases of development and implementation of the franchise organization. Russell is actively involved in the areas of franchise support, operations training, regulatory and legal oversight, franchise compliance and systems management. Prior to joining Home Care Assistance, Russell was Vice President of Operations for a retail printer cartridge franchise. Russell received his Bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University.

Jack Johnson, Head of Franchising
Jack Johnson is the Head of Franchising for Home Care Assistance. “I love what I do and look forward to Mondays as much as Saturdays” is a mantra Jack shares frequently. Son of the company founders, Jack has been with Home Care Assistance from the beginning and has played a key role in making the Home Care Assistance franchise opportunity one of the best in the industry. Franchise owners benefit from Jack’s analytical, sales and marketing background as he works with them to develop territories built for successful long-term growth and expansion. Jack is passionate about working with prospective franchise owners and he has helped 100+ offices successfully become a part of this business over the past eight years. Before joining Home Care Assistance Jack held executive positions at MGM Resorts, Brand, LTD, Connected Brands and JDA Advertising; he developed innovative casino marketing programs for MGM that saved the company hundreds of thousands of dollars and led the sales charge that made JDA Advertising the fastest growing Direct Response Agency in 1997.

Kathryn Zakskorn, Director of Franchise Marketing
Kathryn Zakskorn is the Director of Franchise Marketing for Home Care Assistance. Kathryn joined Home Care Assistance in 2010 and works closely with franchise owners on all aspects of marketing from training and strategy to support on local initiatives. In addition to developing marketing collateral and tools to enhance the Home Care Assistance brand and capture best practices across the network, Kathryn also oversees Home Care Assistance’s content marketing strategy in the form of the weekly newsletters, blog and social media posts, press releases, etc. Prior to joining Home Care Assistance, she held Account Executive positions at several PR agencies specializing in health care, technology, lifestyle and event PR. Kathryn received a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree from the Peabody School at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.

Janine Calcote, Director of Franchise Development
Janine Calcote is Director of Franchise Development for Home Care Assistance. She is a veteran in the workforce solutions ecosystem and brings over 35 years of successful franchise support and development expertise. Janine has successfully consulted with franchisees throughout every stage of business development and is passionate about sharing ideas and solutions that will help offices innovate, exceed expectations and build a lucrative business. As Director of Franchise Development, Janine provides ongoing support to increase profitability for offices in the areas of sales and marketing strategies, operational excellence and caregiver and client acquisition and retention. Janine works closely with franchisees to ensure a successful launch and continues development of top line revenues, gross margin increases, and bottom line profitability by creating and nurturing a full cycle sales funnel. She assists in developing strategies and exit barriers to anchor key referral sources, and is adept at recognizing what training or programs and tools are necessary for continuous improvement and then assists Franchisees in application and implementation to their market or team.

Michele Boember, Director of Franchise Development
Michele is Director of Franchise Development for Home Care Assistance. She has over 16 years of experience working with franchisees in home care and staffing and serves. She has focused on helping business owners create outstanding value for their clients while ensuring revenue and profit growth. Michele works closely with franchisees to provide guidance on diverse subjects such as talent acquisition, marketing strategies, branding initiatives, advertising plans, client acquisition, caregiver hiring, operational best practices and financial management.

James Patchett, Director of Franchise Development
James Patchett is Director of Franchise Development for Home Care Assistance. James joined Home Care Assistance from Huntington Learning Centers Inc. and The Little Gym Inc. James held several roles in his ten years with The Little Gym including: Franchise Trainer, Business Analyst, Brand Manager, I.T. Project Manager and Business Consultant. He was also a Business Consultant with Huntington Learning Centers. James worked with franchisees to maximize revenue and profitability throughout his time with both companies. As Director of Franchise Development for Home Care Assistance, James is responsible for improving processes, procedures and the overall operations of the company’s franchise offices. James helps franchisees see the potential in their business, determine goals for the business and create strategies to accomplish those goals. The result is higher revenue for each office and greater profitability for the franchisee. James’ degree in Business Science and Marketing proves useful in the company’s goal of changing the way the world ages!

Sasha Inobe, Project Manager for Home Care Assistance
Sasha Inobe is the Project Manager for Home Care Assistance and oversees the Cognitive Therapeutics Method program. Sasha trains Home Care Assistance offices on CTM and provides guidance and support in the implementation of CTM. Sasha received a Master’s Degree in Gerontology from San Francisco State University. During her graduate school internship at the Jewish Home of San Francisco, Sasha developed the proposal and design of a multisensory room, which is commonly known as Snoezelen. Because of Sasha’s interest in project development, Sasha joined Vintage Coventry as a Transitional Memory Care Coordinator and Interim Program Director. At this site Sasha developed specific cognitive stimulation programs for residents with varying levels of cognitive decline. Sasha is a passionate believer that improved mental and emotional health will help improve overall quality of life.

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Every day, over 10,000 people turn 65. As the baby boomer generation ages, the senior population is expected to double over the next few decades. Now is an incredibly opportune time to consider joining the best in-home care franchise system and become your own boss! Every aspect of Home Care Assistance is developed to improve the in-home care industry and fill its need for exceptional care. We are industry leaders dedicated to changing the way the world ages.

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