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Have you been searching for a franchise business opportunity? Are you having trouble finding something that seems like the right fit? You’re not alone. For many aspiring business owners, searching for franchises for sale is an overwhelming, often discouraging, task. Unfortunately, many websites that list franchise opportunities offer limited directories, lackluster resources, and clunky search interfaces—making it very difficult for people to feel truly confident in their choices. Eventually, there comes a point in time when people get sick of endlessly searching “franchise businesses for sale near me.”

Investing in a business is no mean feat—and choosing the wrong business is a mistake no one wants to make. To find the perfect franchise to purchase, you need the right resources to guide your decision making. That’s why Franchise Gator is dedicated to making the process of finding, buying, and starting a franchise business as straightforward as possible.

To simplify your business buying journey, we created this list of the best franchises Franchise Gator has to offer.

Before we get too far in our list, we wanted to offer you a bit more insight into the franchise industry. Let’s get started!

Is It Worth It To Invest in a Franchise?

Franchise For Sale Near Me

There are many obvious advantages of buying a franchise. For starters, opening a business completely on your own is significantly more risky compared to opening a franchise. In fact, the most well run franchises come with impressively high success rates, with their chances of closure sitting in the low single digits.

Buying a franchise allows you to start a business based on a proven model, instead of having to figure everything out by yourself. Franchisees benefit from a tried and true operations system, training and support, brand recognition, and additional resources provided by franchisors.

But can you make good money buying a franchise? When done right, franchising is a gift that keeps on giving. In the decision making phase, determining how much money you can earn as a franchisee depends on several factors. For example, the franchise you choose should:

  • Have a positive reputation
  • Posses strong training programs and resources
  • Have a significant number of successful locations

In addition to the above mentioned items, one of the most effective ways of determining the potential success of a franchise is to closely analyze their franchise disclosure document (FDD), which outlines the business’s financial performance. To help with this, we strongly recommend hiring an attorney and franchise consultant to review your FDD and other documents with you.

Before you commit to anything, it’s important to evaluate your options carefully and take all factors into consideration. To make a well-informed decision, the International Franchise Association recommends asking the following questions:

  • Where will your franchise be located?
  • What is the success rate of existing franchises?
  • What method is used to protect franchisees from poorly-performing franchises?
  • Is there a franchise owners association?
  • Is there a franchise advisory council?
  • Who owns the trademarks, service marks, etc., and are they federally registered?
  • Are there any disputes pending or threatened against the trademark?
  • Has the franchisor complied with the FTC and state disclosure laws?
  • Are any senior management or key personnel leaving the system?
  • Does this company compete with the franchisees in the marketplace?
  • Will the franchisor finance any of the costs?
  • Is the franchisor willing to negotiate the terms of the franchise?

With any business venture your personality, determination, and grit have a significant effect on the success of your operation. Ultimately, it all comes down to you. If you’re unsure whether or not a franchise business is the right fit, check out our franchising FAQs to learn more.

Our List of the Best Franchises To Own

The best franchises to own for someone who's just starting out are ones that set you up for success. This means that whatever franchise you choose should be within budget, fairly established, and be likely to thrive in your regional market—starting a snowplow franchise wouldn’t make sense if you’re located in Florida, for instance.

Here are a few examples of franchises that’ll help beginner business owners start off on the right foot! We’ve organized each section into three separate categories:

  1. The most stable and profitable franchises
  2. Affordable franchises with investment requirements under 50K
  3. Affordable and thriving food franchises

What Is the Most Profitable Franchise To Invest In?

In reality, the most profitable franchises tend to fluctuate. A single successful year of business does not guarantee continued profitability. However, if you do your research and look at a franchise’s cumulative history, review its past wins and losses, and assess its ability to withstand hardship, then you can gain a more informed perspective.

For example, franchises that were able to survive and thrive in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic have proven their ability to withstand great adversity, making them a potentially more profitable investment.

With all this in mind, here are some of the most reliably profitable franchises listed on Franchise Gator.

Important Side Note: Under each franchise example we list the Liquid Capital Requirement and the Total Investment. This is what those terms mean:

  • Liquid Capital, also known as Cash Required, is the money you have available upfront without needing a traditional loan.
  • Total Investment is the total amount you can expect to pay over an extended time period to get your franchise operational.

Right At Home

Right At Home is a leader in the home health care industry that provides ongoing assistance for those who are aging or have disabilities in the comfort of their homes! If you have a passion for serving those in need, then this might be the right franchise for you.

Liquid Capital Requirement: $150,000 Total Investment: $87,394 - $156,194

Minuteman Press

Minuteman Press is a B2B print and marketing franchise that provides digital print, design, and promotional services to businesses. Their mission is simple: help other businesses grow by providing superior marketing services. With no prior marketing experience required, Minuteman Press is a great business opportunity for creative individuals!

Liquid Capital Requirement: $70,000 Total Investment: $100,000 - $150,000

Your CBD Store

Currently, the cannabidiol industry is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.8% from 2022 to 2030—which means purchasing a franchise like Your CBD Store could prove to be a wise investment. As the largest network of CBD brick and mortar stores, Your CBD Store partners with their customers to create customized treatment regimens for every lifestyle and empower them to choose the right products for their needs.

Liquid Capital Requirement: $70,000 Total Investment: $69,800 - $90,300

This is just a small sample of our most successful franchises—if none of these piqued your interest, you can view our full list!

Can You Buy a Franchise With 50K? Yes!

A large upfront investment isn’t needed to purchase a profitable franchise. There are plenty of franchises under 50k for you to explore if you have a tighter budget! Here are a few.

milliCare Floor & Textile Care

As the only national franchise focused exclusively on commercial floors, milliCare’s account business has increased tenfold since 2018. MilliCare offers trustworthy floor and surface care to Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, hospitals, and other commercial properties. The wide-open market of commercial floor maintenance provides new franchisees with great opportunity and few national or local competitors.

Liquid Capital Requirement: $50,000 Total Investment: $113,000 - $161,000

The Growth Coach

The Growth Coach franchise is the perfect opportunity for aspiring business owners who are passionate about helping workers reach their full potential. The Growth Coach is a unique coaching business designed to maximize employee performance. With over 28 million small businesses in the U.S. alone, business coaching is a booming $11 billion industry which means there is solid potential for continued growth and opportunity!

Liquid Capital Requirement: $45,000 Total Investment: $42,000 - $63,900

CTi Concrete Technology

Homeowners are always looking for the best deal when it comes to repairs. CTi offers an affordable and easy to use resurfacing system for existing concrete. For their franchisees, CTi provides support, training, and a successful business model without charging hefty franchise fees, royalties, or advertising expenses.

Liquid Capital Requirement: $15,000 Total Investment: $9,500

If you want to explore more of our affordable franchise options, visit our Franchises Based on Investment Amount page!

What Is the Most Affordable Food Franchise? Food Franchises that Give You the Best Bang For Your Buck

Everybody loves food! Which is why food franchises are among some of the most successful businesses. For instance, Taco Bell and Dunkin Donuts are continually ranked as some of the most profitable franchises to own. Unfortunately, these big name brands often come with a lot of competition and expensive upfront costs. Taco Bell’s startup costs, for example, range from $1.2 million to $2.6 million.

But there are plenty of more affordable and less competitive franchises out there! Here are just a few of our favorites.

Healthy YOU Vending

Healthy YOU Vending brings healthful snacks and drinks to the world of automatic merchandising, making it easy for people to eat well even when they’re on the go! With no royalties or contracted controlling agreements and a ton of support, Healthy YOU Vending is a great opportunity for those new to running their own business.

Liquid Capital Requirement: $55,000 Total Investment: $55,000 - $185,000

CRU Hemp Lounge

An exciting lifestyle lounge, CRU offers handcrafted drinks, over 30 exotic hookah flavors, hemp oil extracts, CBD gummies, liquid tinctures, and chef-inspired small plates. Their unique ambiance and excellent service are designed to cultivate a memorable experience for all of their guests. As a franchisee, you would receive tremendous support throughout the entire development process.

Liquid Capital Requirement: $75,000 Total Investment: $75,000 - $100,000

Vocelli’s Pizza

As one of the top 400 franchises listed in the Franchise Times, Vocelli’s provides their customers with a deliciously unique experience. Having been in operation for 30 years, Vocelli’s already has an extremely loyal customer base and an established presence throughout the US. For their franchisees Vocelli’s offers:

  • Access to their entire operating system including brand procedures and recipes
  • Incredible training
  • Vendor contracts
  • Store build-out process and trade dress
  • Website, social media, and marketing support

Liquid Capital Requirement: $100,000 Total Investment: $156,000 - $330,900

Hungry for more? Explore the rest of our food franchising opportunities.

Wondering “Where Can I Find Companies To Buy?” Try Franchise Gator!

As an aspiring business owner, you have enough to worry about. That’s why Franchise Gator is dedicated to making it as easy as possible for you to educate yourself and source the best opportunities available. Here’s how we can help you find and purchase the best franchise businesses for sale:

  • Simply browse our directory to find current franchise opportunities. It’s super easy—search by Industry & Category, Location, or Investment Levels and start reviewing your options!
  • After you’ve found the perfect franchise (or franchises), click the Request FREE Information button. You can do this for as many franchises as you want; feel free to keep your options open!
  • As we mentioned before, you need to do your research before making any big business decision! To help with this, our website offers all of the information you need to compare opportunities. We also have a comprehensive business tools and resources page designed to help you make the most informed decisions involving franchises, starting a business, or finding business for sale opportunities.
  • Once you’ve decided to go through with a purchase, we can help you check your fundability! We'll work with you to put together a roadmap for your funding that will increase your chances of getting the money you need.

Really, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue their dreams. Ready to become your own boss? Start exploring your options with Franchise Gator, today!

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