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Franchises for sale are your chance to buy into a turnkey business concept that comes with immediate brand recognition. Talk about the easiest way to start a successful business! By investing as a franchisee, you get the chance to become your own boss while also receiving support from the parent company (franchisor). Such support generally leads to higher success rates and lower startup costs. Why wouldn’t you explore franchises for sale? It’s a great investment.

Since you want to make the most of it, you’re likely wondering what the top franchises for sale are. And, are the top franchises in 2022 necessarily the best franchises to own long-term? We’re answering all your FAQs in this guide, helping you go beyond a web search for “franchises for sale near me” to open a business that serves yourself, your future, and your community.

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What Are the Best Franchises To Own For Beginners?

The best franchises to own for beginners are ones you can lead with confidence. They must also meet your budget and have a chance to succeed in your local or regional market. Opening your first franchise or group of franchises, you will have a fair amount to learn about working with the parent company and running the business according to their model. With all that in the mix, you don’t want to be taking more of a risk than necessary on a trendy or unstable business concept. Here are a few examples of some franchises with national brand recognition that would get a new owner off to a great start.

  • Mathnasium, a math learning center. New franchise owners are trained on the Mathnasium Model™ and do not need math teaching experience to open a franchise.
  • FASTSIGNS, a sign and graphics retailer. Owners from all walks of life are welcomed, especially those with strong relationship building skills and management experience.
  • Sports Clips, a men’s hair salon. They have an easy-to-understand business model and a robust coaching system to help owners oversee multiple locations.

What Franchise Is Easiest to Open?

It is in the best interest of every parent company to make their franchise easy to open. In some industries, this means extensive training and collaboration with the new owner (that’s you, franchisee). In others, it means a simple business model that is so easy to master, in-depth training isn’t even needed.

Generally, a franchise is also easier to open if you have past experience as a business leader or owner. This is especially true if you will need to manage employees and/or relationships. Experience in the industry of your franchise may also be a benefit, but it is usually not required due to the training that will be provided by the franchisor.

What Is the Cheapest Franchise to Buy?

One of the most popular commercial cleaning franchises, Buildingstars, is also one of the cheapest franchises to buy. To determine the full cost of a franchise, you need to consider the franchising fee, royalties, required equipment, staff, and any necessary real estate investment. With Buildingstars, the franchise fee is just $795, with an average additional $5,270 needed in startup investment.

But if this doesn’t sound right for you, don’t worry. There are plenty of other franchises for sale under 10k. Here are a few more options you could consider.

  • Cruise Planners is a home-based business where you help clients plan amazing travel experiences. Some franchisors, like military veterans who receive a discount, are able to launch this franchise with as little as $2,295.
  • Standard Paints Inc.- Wood Defender trains you to stain decks and fences with industry-leading products and great service. This can be a full time job or supplement your regular income with profit margins as high as 70%. Packages start as low as $1,145 for those interested in trying it out!
  • Momleta equips you to help mothers in your community through fitness bootcamps, nutrition, and community support. For as little as $6,050, you could launch your own family-friendly career in the fitness industry and bring something amazing to your community.

What Franchise Makes the Most Money?

Taco Bell, Dunkin Donuts, and The UPS Store are the top three franchises that make the most money, according to Entrepreneur’s franchise rankings. These opportunities also require a significant franchise fee and investment in staff, real estate, and equipment. Not to mention, you might end up on a waiting list or find these opportunities aren’t available in your area because someone else already owns a location. If you’re looking to maximize your franchise profitability without needing to make a six- or seven-figure investment, here are some tips.

  • Look for franchises with low overhead. If you need to have a physical location or hire staff, this will impact your profit margin.
  • Look for franchises with the potential for high-volume sales. If you have to spend a lot of time closing a single deal or serving one client, you may not make as much profit as you envision.
  • Look for the fastest-growing franchises. If a franchise is catching on, it’s because the market and customers are interested and want to buy the food, product, or services. These opportunities may be worth a higher startup cost in the long run.

With that advice in mind, let’s review some of the best franchises to invest in that you might not have heard of yet. We’ll start with what most people think of when they imagine a franchise–the food industry.

Best Food Franchises to Own in 2022

The best food franchises in 2022 are the ones that deliver a delicious experience to guests. Some are in the market for fast, healthy food options, while others want to indulge in fine dining or sweet treats. Are any of these food franchises an option that is missing from your area?

Fast Casual and Dine-In Food Franchises

  • The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill equips you to serve healthy, authentic Greek food to your hungry guests. This fast, casual restaurant serves authentic Greek recipes with sauces, soups, dressings, marinades and desserts among some of the menu items made from scratch daily. If your area is lacking in Mediterranean food options this would be a great business venture!
  • The Brass Tap Craft Beer Bar is an upscale option for drinking and dining that could be the next hot spot in your city. With 40-60 craft and local beers on tap, plus a wide selection of imports and yummy shareable dishes, guests will keep returning for new and old favorites alike. The menu and offerings will even be tailored to your region to ensure local favorites are part of the culture from day one.
  • Shuckin’ Shack Oyster Bar brings food, family, and fun together in a laid-back East Coast vibe. Fresh, sustainably-sourced seafood is something people in all communities crave, and this is your chance to become a destination for a great experience. You will even be part of efforts to improve the ethics of seafood through partnerships with Plastic Ocean Project, Shellfish Growers Climate Coalition, and more.
  • Beef O’Brady’s Family Sports Pub provides a neighborhood gathering spot for good food and good sports. Local sponsorships, charity, and community involvement will be a cornerstone of your business from day one. If you’re looking to start a business that encourages investment in family, community, and values, you might love this opportunity.
  • Toastique is a gourmet toast and juice bar on the mission to make healthy eating accessible, exciting, and easy to enjoy. An emphasis on local ingredients helps this business contribute to healthier communities on multiple levels. This is also a great opportunity for those interested in a food franchise who also need work-life balance: locations are only open until 4pm!

Sweet Treat and Bakery Franchises

  • Brusters Real Ice Cream has been ranked by Entrepreneur Magazine as a top franchise for the last 20 years. Mixes are delivered from the dairy to each location where ice cream, yogurts, ices, and sorbet are made fresh every day. With over 160 recipes to choose from, you can truly customize the offerings at your location to the local tastes and preferences.
  • Mrs. Fields Cookies/TCBY are now franchised together since they joined forces in 2000. This business is an opportunity to leverage not one but two nationally-recognized brands. Franchisees can also choose from multiple business models including a kiosk, drive-thru, self-serve, or counter service location. This concept can truly fit in any market regardless of real estate!
  • Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is your chance to attend the school you’ve always dreamed of–Chocolate University. The hands-on training program will have owners making caramel and fudge the old fashioned way, in full view of the customers. With this business, you aren’t just selling sweet treats, but also an experience that will make this candy shop a destination in your area.
  • Le Macaron is another bakery that offers four distinct business models to choose from, including a cafe, a food truck, a permanent kiosk, or a mobile kiosk. In addition to yummy, authentic French macarons (provided for you), your menu might also include gelato, coffee, tea, or even savory items. This is an excellent chance to bring simple luxury to the customers in your area!

Looking at all these food franchise options might cause you to question: is owning a franchise passive income? It can be, but usually not with a restaurant. Whether it’s staying in touch with the managers you have trusted or doing some of the work yourself, a successful restaurant takes a lot of work. A vending machine can be an excellent option for those who want an easier way. Here are some of the options we promote:

  • Healthy YOU Vending is actually not a full franchise, though you do receive support from the parent company. However, you will not pay ongoing royalties or have to follow a specific business model. Instead, you invest in the vending machine and keep it stocked with healthy snacks thanks to the vendor relationships you buy into.
  • Healthier 4 U Vending comes with a business plan and a few days of training so franchisors can learn exactly how to achieve success. The company has grown by placing machines in places where health-minded people are looking for snacks, such as gyms, hotels, schools, and more. If your community could use healthier vending machines, you could deliver that option as an owner in this concept.

And of course, maybe you don’t want to be in the food industry at all. Now we’ll cover some franchise examples that are not food.

Best Non Food Franchises to Own in 2022

There are many great industries to franchise in outside the food industry, including automotive franchises, healthcare franchises, education franchises, and more. Let’s look at some of the leading options.

Car & Automotive Franchises

  • Tint World Auto Styling Centers specialize in window tinting, car security systems, vehicle wraps, audio and electronics, and more. They offer an incredibly comprehensive pre-training program as well as ongoing support to empower owners from all walks of life to succeed. If you love cars and making them look awesome, this is the right place for you.
  • Glass Doctor has two separate franchise offerings, one for automotive glass repair and the other for home & business glass repair. Owners have a dedicated territory so you can take advantage of high year-round demand for glass repair. No previous glass experience is required!
  • Fibrenew handles leather and plastic restoration to have car interiors and other upholstery looking like new. Car dealerships, rental agencies, and commercial trucking fleets are just some of the customers you can serve through this business. Plus, this is a home-based, mobile franchise, allowing you to stay nimble and take services where they are needed.

Healthcare & Senior Care Franchises

  • Homewatch CareGivers franchisees are trained to deliver peace of mind to the homes of their clients. Providing personal assistance to individuals who are aging, disabled, or rehabilitating allows them to continue living at home independently. Experienced leaders with the strengths to manage clients, caregivers, and business development can leverage this opportunity to make a big difference for vulnerable populations in their community.
  • QC Kinetix is a provider of concierge healthcare for ailments like arthritis or damage to muscles and joints caused by injury. Strategies like non-surgical injections, laser treatments, and plasma infusions are some of the ways patients are provided long-term relief from pain without surgery. As the owner, you will lead and grow the business while medical staff handle the care.
  • ClaimTek Systems is a trusted medical and dental billing services provider with a reputation for excellence. For over 30 years, ClaimTek’s solutions have helped doctors and dentists get paid for the services they provide. Today, you can start this business from home and work with any specialty you choose to grow success on your terms.

Children’s Services & Education Franchises

  • Parker-Anderson Enrichment, Inc. operates under the motto “Fun Comes First.” Franchisees are trained to deliver 15-20 enrichment programs after school, at summer camps, in community centers, or even at a private party. These courses provide great alternatives to daycare, meeting kids where they are to help them learn, play, and grow.
  • Tutoring Works LLC is another great business opportunity that is not a traditional franchise, as you will not continue to pay royalties or fees after your initial investment. Through a remote learning experience, you will learn how to recruit tutors and deliver excellent tutoring services, as well as business best practices in marketing, sales, and more. Then, you’re free to build your local business your way.
  • Amazing Athletes Educational Sports Programs provides year-round, multi-sport enrichment for children ages 1-7, helping them grow motor skills, sportsmanship, and confidence. Franchisees can teach programs themselves or hire coaches to teach the fundamentals of 10 different sports on-site at schools, daycare centers, churches, and other community hubs.

Home Services Franchises

Bath Tune Up provides bathroom remodeling services, from simple lighting and fixture upgrades to full bathroom remodels. The franchisor provides a pre-curated suite of options chosen by professional designers to make the decision-making process easier for homeowners. No contractor experience is required, all you need is the ability to hire and manage projects!

Pillar To Post is an opportunity to answer the immense demand for home inspectors in today’s fast-paced real estate market. Their Quick-Start training program teaches you everything you need to know to get started, with a full 12 months of support to grow your confidence. You’ll also be connected with nationally known realtors like Re/Max and Keller Williams to keep you busy helping others find the home of their dreams.

Mosquito Hunters puts the power in your hands to take control of annoying pests in your area. Residential homes, schools, parks, golf courses–all these locations and more are not enjoyable if they are infested with mosquitoes! The pet and kid friendly treatments of Mosquito Hunters bite back at mosquitos, fleas, and ticks to make the outdoors safe and enjoyable for all.

Low-Cost Mobile Franchises

Mobile franchises allow you to deliver services and products directly to your customers, instead of having to invest in real estate like a restaurant location or office. We have already highlighted a few options like this earlier in our list, but wanted to cover a few more that specifically require $20,000 or less in cash. Note that additional fees and investment might be higher!

  • Vernon Street Capital sets you up in the financial services industry to provide an extensive portfolio of products and services to your community. You will be enabled to help applicants through the loan process, even when they are having challenges qualifying. The 20 years of experience that Vernon Street Capital brings to the table will be at your disposal for as long as you are their affiliate!
  • LIME Painting focuses on serving the top 33% of high-end homes and businesses. As you can guess from the name, interior and exterior painting are some of the services provided by this franchise, but it doesn’t stop there. Drywall, masonry, carpentry, gutters, cabinets–you will be able to offer it all, while the franchisor handles the national call center, pricing, proposals, and technology.
  • CTi Concrete Technology is a solution for resurfacing existing concrete, saving homeowners the cost of replacement without compromising on quality. No construction or trades related background is required to install this product, just the training provided by the franchisor! This is a great chance to build a business on your own without feeling like you are alone.

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Even if one or more of the examples on this list stands out as a great opportunity, you might still want to do some comparisons and see what else is out there. Use our simple search function to find the franchises that meet your requirements of location, budget, industry, and more.

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