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More and more consumers are starting to demand ecologically-friendly options in every aspect of their lives - from their homes to what they eat to even their pet care. Smart franchisors in all categories are working hard to meet the "going green" trend with products and services that are conscious of their impact on our planet. If you are an entrepreneur that likes to be on the cutting edge, pursuing a sustainably focused franchise could be a great business decision.

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Did You Know?

The global market volume for environmental technologies is projected to reach $2.7 billion by 2020.

SOURCE: Roland Berger Strategy Consultants

67% of Americans say that sustainability strategies are necessary to be competitive.

SOURCE: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management

3 out of 4 millennials say they are willing to pay extra for sustainable offerings.

SOURCE: Nielsen

Global green construction now represents 20% of all new commercial construction in the U.S.

SOURCE: U.S. Green Building Council

Roland Berger Strategy Consultants

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management


U.S. Green Building Council

Types of Environmentally Safe Franchises

Green, eco-friendly franchises are a newer category, which means there is an enormous potential for diverse opportunities. Some of the obvious choices in this area include franchises that focus on greening people's home, whether it is installing solar powered products, cleaning with eco-friendly materials or performing energy audits. Removing junk or recycling clothing and similar items also fall into green franchise opportunities. Environmentally friendly lawn care, pest removal and home renovation franchises are other options.

Why Buy a Green Franchise?

A green franchise business is a great way to tap into the growing consumer demand for a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Sustainability is on many people's minds, and any franchise that can allow people to feel they are helping, rather than hurting, the planet is positioned to take advantage of this new reality. In fact, because this category, and interest in it, has grown so much since the start of the century, it has really gone from a fad to a need, something smart entrepreneurs are realizing.

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Green, Eco Friendly Opportunities:

Do you have a passion for management or sales but don't want to put on a tool belt, climb roofs and do the dirty work? Did you know the real money is earned in the sale of a solar system, not the installation? Solar...

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100k Minimum Cash Required

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning® is a green, revolutionary cleaning system built on the power of oxygen. As a business, Oxi Fresh combines the advantages of protected territories, turnkey marketing programs, and a variety of...

40k Minimum Cash Required

Buildingstars offers a commercial cleaning franchise with a focus on cleaning office buildings. We have a unique three stage business model that guides the franchise owner through a step-by-step blueprint for growth. We...

10k Minimum Cash Required

Build A Business That Works For You! ecomaids is the leading innovator of environmentally responsible, non-toxic residential cleaning services for families throughout the country.

60k Minimum Cash Required

Own your success If you love to Inspect residential and commercial building properties and structures, start your own business as an asbestos and mold inspector at IRIS Environmental Laboratories Franchise System, delivering...

30k Minimum Cash Required

Founded in 2018, Koala Insulation benefits both customers and franchise partners. Its likable brand voices how home and business owners can earn back the cost of any insulation investment—all while helping the environment....

100k Minimum Cash Required

We grew through COVID at an exceptional rate. This is an outdoor, small groups, excellent business to be in during these times. Synthetic Grass Solutions for all types of properties and activities is what we deliver to our...

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Men In Kilts is the exterior cleaning franchise making home services more fun. With eye-catching branding, repeat revenue and industry-best franchise systems, we’re an attractive opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to...

30k Minimum Cash Required

Green Energy Testing is going above and beyond! Energy loss is a serious concern for the construction industry in the 21st century. Countries across the world have taken new measures to prevent energy losses that are...

40k Minimum Cash Required

Choose The Cleaning Authority, the residential cleaning franchise that generates 86% of customers at the franchisor level. Our owners provide a simple service backed by sophisticated systems.

90k Minimum Cash Required

Tips For Success

It’s tempting to think that a green franchise will have an easier path to success because of its noble mission and the goodwill that mission creates. There’s just one problem with that thinking: green businesses face competition just like any other kind of venture. The early days of the eco-friendly movement are long gone, so anyone wanting to compete in this space today will have to work hard and prove their worth.

It’s Still About Delivering Value

If there is one thing that all businesses have in common, it’s the need to deliver value. When a client or customer agrees to spend money on a product or service, they want to get fair value in return for that money. This doesn’t change in the green or eco-friendly business sector.

Whether eco-friendly or not, a business is only going to grow and thrive if it offers what customers see as a fair value compared to the rest of the market. Put your new green franchise business plan through the same kind of vetting that any other plan would receive—and only proceed if the financial outlook is in your favor.

Believe in the Mission

Perhaps the most important point relating to running a green business is that you need to be fully committed to the mission that you claim to support. Your customers and clients will see right through any efforts to simply cash in on a popular movement when your heart isn’t in it.

To demonstrate your commitment to eco-friendly business and sustainable practices, take part in local events that serve the same mission. Instead of just giving this topic a mention in your marketing materials, dive into the community and become a part of the movement. There will be far more time and effort required for this approach, of course, but it’s the right way to build something authentic that can last and make a difference.

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