Industrial Equipment & Services Franchises

Industrial equipment and services franchises fulfill a valuable business niche for consumers, as well as industry professionals who can’t yet justify the expense of a certain equipment purchase. Providing a range of tools and equipment to fill the needs of both large and small projects in the home and workplace, an industrial equipment and services franchise can capitalize on the many one-off jobs that pop up in day to day life.

Did You Know?

The global market for medical equipment rentals is expected to reach $70 billion by 2024.

SOURCE: Global Industry Analysts

In 2017, the global construction equipment market was projected to be $192 billion.

SOURCE: IHS; Capgemini

In 2021, the equipment rental market in the U.S. is forecasted to be about $59.4 billion.

SOURCE: American Rental Association; IHS Global Insight

The general tool rental segment is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.1%.

SOURCE: American Rental Association; IHS Global Insight

Global Industry Analysts

IHS; Capgemini

American Rental Association; IHS Global Insight

American Rental Association; IHS Global Insight

Types of Industrial Equipment & Services Franchises

From industrial equipment for construction jobs to specialized devices or even electronics, there are a wide variety of options available for the savvy entrepreneur interested in exploring this franchise category. Industrial equipment rental franchises provide the specialized tools and materials that businesses and consumers require for certain jobs, but that they may not need long term. The category can even include franchises that focus on medical equipment rentals or businesses that rent party items.

Why Consider Industrial Equipment & Services Franchises

The options for industrial equipment and services franchises are vast and limited only to what your particular market can support. From machines and tools used for everything from construction to healthcare, this franchise category provides a great deal of flexibility for the right entrepreneur. You can adapt your offerings to your community or your area of expertise. The key is proper research into the needs of your surroundings, to see what venture will have the best chance of thriving.

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Industrial Equipment & Services Opportunities:

Filta is the pioneer and worldwide leader in cooking oil filtration and fryer management services. This is a mobile, home-based franchise in which our Franchise owners provide 5 eco-friendly, weekly repeat services to...

30k Minimum Cash Required

Be a part of our premier footwear brand! With over 100 years of success, we've been creating comfortable, purpose-built footwear. Red Wing Shoes operates world- wide with over 400 locations and 200 on-site shoe mobiles...

50k Minimum Cash Required

A PIRTEK franchise is a unique and outstanding opportunity. We boast more than 30 years of success, launching 400+ locations in markets spanning 23 countries. The comprehensive training and support PIRTEK USA franchisees...

60k Minimum Cash Required

Our franchisees recognize the value of industry disruption. Smash My Trash is an established and proven business. Our franchisees share a common goal - scaling and expanding their Smash My Trash franchise.

100k Minimum Cash Required

A stunningly simple concept. We transplant the cafe experience into the workplace with our stunning coffee machines, our exclusive proprietary premium blend of coffee and personal coffee concierge service. There are no up...

90k Minimum Cash Required

Join a Multi-Billion Dollar industry dealing in Safety with huge profit margins averaging over 4000%. Demand for our Unique Non-Slip treatments is in high demand and continues to grow rapidly. ROI’s often within 2-3 months.

20k Minimum Cash Required
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