After Growing Mosquito Joe to Over 210 Locations in Three Years, Buzz Franchise Brands Launches New Pool Service Franchise, Pool Scouts

Posted May 11, 2016 at 09:53am By Staff Writer

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At one point or another, owning a pool has been a dream of nearly every American. For 10 million of them, that dream has come true. However, with 50,929 pool service businesses, according to, the service landscape is quite fragmented, with quality of service and products varying drastically from market to market and customer to customer.

Pool Scouts was recently founded by Buzz Franchise Brands, the franchisor of sister company Mosquito Joe, with a mission to provide premier pool service while delivering a quality, consistent brand experience.

“Every time a customer orders a burger from McDonald’s, they expect the same ordering experience, prep time, delivery of product and taste – no matter what McDonald’s they go to,” said Kevin Wilson, CEO of Buzz Franchise Brands. “Why should pool service be any different? That expectation certainly should extend to a lifestyle luxury like a pool.”

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Pool owners have been craving a more professional approach towards pool service and Pool Scouts is their answer, making a splash in communities across the country. Pool Scouts professionalizes the maintenance and service of...

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