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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a good video may be worth more! Watch informational videos about various franchise opportunities and brands:

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Senior CompuCare - Do you have Computer Instruction, Repair, or Networking Experience

October 18, 2017

Senior CompuCare was born with its mission to help seniors in day-to-day computing, seniors taught by seniors and to provide them with computer screen repairs, diagnostic, repair and advocate-type services for those wanting the best buy in purchasing some form of computers, tablets, smartphones and digital devices. WE COME TO YOU! SAVE TIME & MONEY! What makes Senior CompuCare unique is our training method – teaching Seniors, veterans, adults, kids, corporate training, retirement homes, technology training, business training and groups what they want to know, on their own computers, in the comfort of their own home, business or group location.

Total Investment: $25,000

Industry: Computer & Internet

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Smash Brothers

October 17, 2017

Smash-it was founded in 2011 by Chris Labarbera and Ernie Rodriguez in Northern California. Until the launch of Smash-It, the utility cost associated with disposal increased year-over-year, making a companies waste removal cost a necessary, and costly line item in their budget. The only option to save money was to change haulers. This process is a time consuming hassle, and the savings only lasted 6 months or less. Our founders saw an opportunity to create a truly unique product that would help companies save money on their open top bin hauling, while at the same time reducing their carbon footprint. They realized that majority of every haul taken from an open top dumpster was primarily air. So, they developed and patented a mobile technology (Smash-It) to compact a containers contents between hauls. This process ensured that their customers were paying for 100% waste – and no air. Clients quickly caught on that the more they smashed, the more they saved.

Total Investment: $297,500 - $314,000


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Building Kidz School

October 16, 2017

Our philosophy is to develop the “whole” child. We strive to create an environment where children are challenged intellectually, and that they are engaged in an interest of lifelong learning through academics and performing arts. We provide experiences that stimulate a child’s growth to build their Character, Confidence, & Commitment!

Total Investment: $148,000 - $380,500

Industry: Children's

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