Different Look Same Values


Posted: April 14th, 2015

Category: The Wire

After King Since 1895, one of Sanford’s oldest businesses, merged with Aire Serv of The Sandhills heating and air conditioning company earlier this year, former employees and local residents reminisced about a company with unmatched customer service and a hand in building the community — which they expect to continue under its new management.

Trey Mills, owner of Aire Serv of The Sandhills at 410 Hawkins Ave., said when the opportunity to purchase King Since 1895, at 157 Charlotte Ave. arose, company staff felt like they had to make it part of the Aire Serv family because of its excellent rapport with the public. But Aire Serv of The Sandhills will not continue to use the Charlotte Avenue location.

“King Since 1895 is such a respected company in the area, and they stand by their work,” Mills said. “Their great service will still be around; it just has a different label and look. But their values are still there and will continue to provide the service King customers have come to expect.”

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