Finding A Franchise You Will Enjoy

By Suzanne Musial

Posted: May 4th, 2016

Category: For Beginners

Many people focus on finding a franchise that will be profitable, compatible with their personality, and easy to run. These are all important factors when looking to invest in a franchise, and much research needs to be done to be sure the franchise will be a good fit for their needs. James Walker of the franchise Johnny Rockets notes in Forbes that focusing on facts and figures may lead to a smart business decision, but that profitability is often "not the ultimate key to happiness."

Find a franchise you enjoy

When you enjoy your life's work, you will enjoy life more.

One of the biggest factors in the success of any endeavor is whether the person enjoys what they are doing. Considering the factors that will lead to enjoyment of a franchise business can prevent a great deal of unhappiness and struggle down the road. But how do you find a franchise you can enjoy?

Thinking Through Your Needs

Unfortunately, too many people skip the process of evaluating their past experiences and thinking about the particular elements that will really make them happy as a franchisee. They grab onto what they think will be a profitable concept, or a sure-fire business model, and completely miss other aspects of franchising that will become all too important as time goes on.

Think about the jobs you've had in the past. What tasks did you most enjoy doing? Did you like a lot of structure or a high degree of autonomy? What did you get tired of doing or not enjoy? The answers to these questions can tell you a lot about whether you will enjoy a particular franchise experience.

Capitalizing on Hobbies and Interests

Some people have a hobby that they greatly enjoy doing. Choosing a franchise based on this beloved hobby may very well lead to great enjoyment, but be careful. In many cases, turning a fun pursuit into a job robs it of much of the enjoyment, not only making the franchise less enjoyable but often ruining the hobby as well.

Make sure that you enjoy the hobby well enough to spend most of your time doing it. If you haven't gotten deeply involved in the activity before this point, be sure to do so before purchasing a related franchise. Having a job in that field for a period of time before taking on a franchise is wise to make sure that you really enjoy it enough to make it your life's work.

Small Problems Can Become A Lot Bigger

How many times in life has a small irritation become a huge annoyance with the passage of time? Be sure to pay attention to small irritations as you investigate franchise opportunities. A franchisor who rubs you the wrong way on your first meeting is likely to become the bane of your existence after several years of dealing with him.

Other irritations may come as you read the franchise contract or survey the location. Sometimes these small things can be changed easily, and you would be wise to do so now. Dealing with these situations when they are minor can prevent major problems later that will prevent you from enjoying your franchise.

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