Hottest Small Business Franchises For Couples

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Posted : March 4, 2008

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Hottest Small Business Franchises For Couples

There is a huge balancing act that comes along with life, especially once life is no longer limited to the scope of one person. For couples, life can get extremely stressful and frustrating as the balancing act of career and income compete with time spent together enjoying shared passions. For some the desire to start their own small business or franchise is appealing, but they are not sure how much more time they can commit to a business away from their spouse or partner.

Even in a work at home environment, there is still a need to focus on the projects and job and even in a shared area the working aspect of being at home leaves the relationship aspect lacking. Nothing unites to people more than achieving something together, or spending time doing something that both are passionate about. There is an exciting alternative that doesn’t involve taking a vow of poverty in order to have more time together.

There are some exciting business opportunities in the franchise industry that are great opportunities for couples to run a business together. There are of course precautions that need to be employed. Safeguarding relationships so that business failure, stressful work environment, or other frustrations on the job will not be reflected as much in the relationship. However, it is understood that all of those things effect relationships even when both members of a couple are not in business together. That being said here are 5 hot small business franchises that are especially inviting as an opportunity for couples to go into business with each other.

#1 Goin’ Postal

Goin’ Postal is a great business to work with a partner on because it is a business opportunity that has a large range of growth potential and initial time and money investments. With Goin’ Postal franchises the couple can decide to take on something small on the side and have a home-based franchise by servicing Goin’ Postal’s kiosk option which can be run starting with an initial investment of as little as $4,000. Also with a full turn key shipping and packaging full-service store, Goin’ Postal can be a great challenge for a full time business. Their turnkey model allows the couple to focus on everything needed to make the business a success while Goin’ Postal takes care of everything from leasing a location to providing full inventory. Whatever the range of commitment Goin’ Postal can give a pair of business partners the perfect amount of work to keep them busy without overwhelming them.

#2 Mister Sparky

America’s On Time Electrician, Mister Sparky, is a reliable and important small business opportunity that allows an eager couple the chance to provide an increasingly important service in every home and small business across the country. Depending on the strengths and passions of the couple, Mister Sparky has roles to fill of every type of person. Whether your strength is business management, electrician work, dispatching, invoices, or overall business planning and marketing, there are many roles that fit into a successful home service business. Coordinating who will fill each role best can be a fun and rewarding challenge for couples beginning this home based service franchise. With a combination of teamwork and promptness the Mister Sparky name can be a great small business to run in conjunction with another job or as a full time source of income.

#3 WSI Internet

If internet and technology is the shared passion that is the driving force behind a couples desire to create a small business, especially one that can be run conveniently from home, WSI internet offers a great opportunity. WSI has a proven business system that allows it’s franchise owners to build and expand a client database and achieve recurring revenue. With a distinct combination of marketing and consulting there is a natural breakdown in responsibility perfect for partners. The blend of these roles properly is what has propelled WSI into the top 50 franchises in the world as the number one internet and technology service franchise.

#4 Doo Care

For the more domestic business partnership Doo care provides residential pet waste management services. While the ideal business for couples may not be one personal telling another to go pick up after the dog, that’s not the point of Doo Care’s franchise model. Doo Care is not seeking people to clean up after Dog’s, but franchise owners with a professional mind to help market a needed service to busy families, elderly people, and community parks and service centers to help clean and care for neighborhoods and communities. Over 40 million households have dogs and that number continues to rise. The market for services that allow convenience in caring for pets and have a tangible and visible benefit to communities is also rising. Doo Care provides a community service franchise that families and singles alike will come to recognize and appreciate.

#5 Monthly Coupons

Many couples have extensive experience in working through and understanding budgets. Combine that with small businesses and their increasing need to creatively find ways to advertise their business and generate new customers, and you get a coupon service. Monthly Coupon franchise owners publish a monthly coupon magazine delivered to their subscribers. The benefits will also apply to the small business clients who generate new customers and can introduce them to their products. 87% of all shoppers use some sort of coupon or sale information when doing their shopping. No matter what the state of the economy, up or down, people are always looking for a deal. Many businesses have found that sales and coupon increase revenue by drawing in new customers and introducing new products, which lead to repeat business. 

As a couple seeking a new franchise opportunity that can be run from home, this business opportunity is a find. Any home based business that can benefit the consumer and the small business community will find itself profitable and welcome in most areas of commerce. By generating profits for businesses, and saving consumers money a Monthly Coupon magazine franchise is a great way for couples to earn extra income and make a positive impact in the local small business economy.

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