How to Find a Franchising Mentor

By Suzanne Musial

Posted : May 13, 2016

Category : How To

How to Find a Franchising Mentor
Finding a franchise mentor

Beginning franchisees may have thoroughly researched the franchise process and the particular franchise they decide to buy, but many questions often remain as they take the first steps into franchising. Every day there are more decisions to make and things to learn, and finding a franchising mentor is a good way to get help to navigate the franchising process successfully.

Having a mentor can make a big impact on new franchisees.

Every franchisee needs a good support system, including a supportive franchisor and quality staff members. A mentor can help franchisees be more confident and productive as they avoid common mistakes that often cause problems for brand new franchisees.

Even experienced franchisees can benefit from seeking out mentors who have reached higher levels of success. The growth process should always be ongoing, making mentoring a positive way for any franchisee to continually improve.

Finding a Franchise Mentor

Although a franchisor can function as a mentor, it is valuable to get different perspectives. So where else can you turn to find a mentor?

One place to look for a mentor is to ask a fellow franchisee that you consider to be successful and to have attained some goals that you want to attain. There may be someone you know from the research process or your training to become a franchisor who you can approach to be your mentor.

Another way to find a mentor is to ask your franchise organization whether they have a formal mentorship program. These programs typically have a matching process to ensure that the mentorship will meet the needs of new franchisees and provide the support they need.

Alternate Ways to Find Mentors

If your current business relationships don’t yield a mentor who can help you along in the franchising process, there are several other options that will bring the desired results. Taking classes or seminars in franchising or in a specific area related to your franchise can be a way to get help and answers to your questions.

Another way to be assured of additional help and support is to hire a franchise consultant. Franchise consultants provide services at any point in the franchise process, from helping sort through the research into potential franchises to answering questions and advising new franchisees about how to run their units.

Benefits of Mentorship

The positives of having a mentor are numerous. Mentors can provide a perspective not colored by having a financial stake in the outcome of a situation. Because of this, mentors are able to be more objective and give ideas that might not otherwise be considered. Another function of many mentors is to provide accountability that might otherwise be lacking for franchisees who are in charge of their own units.

Mentorship may be especially valuable for franchisees with less involved franchisors who may not be available to help with day-to-day problems and issues that often arise in a franchise. But even for franchises that are thriving, mentors can help take things to the next level and stimulate continued growth.

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