MosquitoNix Advises to Fight Mosquitos as Early as March


Posted: March 25th, 2015

Category: The Wire

MosquitoNix®, the nation's leader in mosquito control and mosquito misting systems, is advising people, especially those who live in warmer areas, to start the fight against mosquitos as early as March this year. Aggressive steps against mosquitos are spurred by reports in 2014, of a large number of West Nile virus cases and an outbreak of Chikungunya. The MosquitoNix team is on hand to protect homes and businesses from mosquitos, and ensure a carefree spring and summer.

In 2014, the World Health Organization dubbed the mosquito the world's most dangerous animal. Every year more than 1 million people die of mosquito-borne illnesses worldwide. On January 13, 2015, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that it recorded 2,122 human cases of West Nile Virus and 85 deaths in the United States in 2014. A total of 47 states and District of Columbia reported West Nile Virus in people, birds or mosquitos.

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MosquitoNix offers mosquito control via two effective methods: The Misting Systems and their QuickNix monthly treatments. Now is the time to join the national lead in mosquito control!

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