The 8 Wackiest Franchise Stores You Could Own


Posted: April 1st, 2015

Category: The Wire

If you had, oh, $100,000 or so in your pocket, where would you invest it?

You might want to skip the buzzy stock pick and look at a food or retail franchise.

You’ll pay a one-time franchising fee (anywhere from $10,000 to $40,000, depending on the sector), foot the bill to set up your location, and pay royalties to the parent company (typically 4-7 percent of your sales). And now you’re the proud owner of a [insert your dream here] store! The parent company gains expanded brand recognition; the entrepreneur gains training and a sense of ownership, if not always independence.

Get more information on some of the opportunities mentioned in this post:

The Kono Pizza concept was first presented in Milan, Italy in April of 2004. Since then, the idea of mobile, authentic, high-quality Italian pizza has quickly spread to 130 franchise locations across 20 countries. Now Kono...

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