The Entrepreneurial Spirit: Embracing Change and Starting New is Easy as 1, 2, 3

By Ben Baggett

Posted : March 11, 2014

Category : For Beginners

The Entrepreneurial Spirit: Embracing Change and Starting New is Easy as 1, 2, 3

Looking for a new career or business opportunity? Many Americans are beginning to do so as they grow increasingly tired and fed-up with the stress of an unfulfilling job in a tough economic market. Taking the first step in changing your life if never easy, but the more you know the more prepared you will be to confidently enter the world of small-business ownership and entrepreneurship. Whether you dream of spearheading your own business idea or are attracted to the support of a brand name company via owning a cleaning, handyman, or paint franchise, there are three simple steps to help channel your inner entrepreneur and best choose the avenue that’s right for you.

Step 1: Define Your Destination

Of course it is natural to be nervous or skeptical of change and often times it seems easier to stay within your comfort zone even when it has proven to be mundane and uninspiring. The first step in starting a new career or becoming an entrepreneur is to overcome uncertainty ” opening up to changes, risks, mistakes, and countless opportunities for valuable personal growth through trial and error. By embracing fear, change, and uncertainty, you transform it from a handicap to an asset and put the power back in your own hands. “Success” is subjective, and up to you to define on your own terms!

Step 2: Assess Your Assets

Once you have channeled your own personal image of success, it’s time to decide on what tools you have to get you there. Self-assessment is crucial in identifying the most effective path to personal growth for any aspiring entrepreneur. By taking an inventory of your interests, professional skills, values, personality type, etc. you help clarify what it is that is truly important in your life, which then allows you to brainstorm business opportunities and career avenues that will cultivate your talent and stimulate your interests without sacrificing your personal values. From innovative start-up businesses or a proven success models such as a cleaning or paint franchise, with so many opportunities available these self-assessments will help you come away with a better understanding of what opportunities are a good fit you and your lifestyle.

Step 3: Travel Toward Your Target

Now that you know where you want to go, and what you have at hand to help you get there, it’s time to begin your journey. If during your self-assessment you realized that your values of independence and personal success inspire you down the path of entrepreneurship there are countless opportunities available on the market today. Franchise ownership is a popular choice for many first-time entrepreneurs since it offers the support of a successful business model to build upon. It today’s economy owning a cleaning, handyman, or paint franchise are some of the most profitable choices for franchise ownership and have seen continued growth.

With industry reports estimating consistent yearly growth of over 5% for the paint and coatings market, owning a paint franchise can easily become your first step on the path of entrepreneurship. Evaluating your desired goals, personal skills, and the resources available to you will help you decide if owning a paint franchise with an industry leader like CertaPro Painters, or any of the other widely available franchise opportunities is the right choice for you. Take the first step in channeling your entrepreneurial spirit today to escape the corporate lifestyle and create the lifestyle for you and your loved ones that you’ve always dreamed of ” it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!