Increase Your Bone Density and Physical Strength with OsteoStrong

By Ben Baggett

Posted: October 10th, 2013

Category: Editorial

At the ripe old age of 30, most of people begin to feel the little aches and pains associated with aging which are often caused by the gradual effects of muscle and bone atrophy. A steady decline in physic, balance, bone strength, and muscle mass continues on year after year as people age. Gym enthusiasts, dedicated athletes, and weekend warriors can attest that even the best workout routines only seem to slow the effects of the aging process, but never reverse it. Many have employed both natural and medical strategies in an attempt to fight-off the symptoms of aging in just about every way possible, but over time, it's something people just have to learn to live with.

Kyle Zagrodzky, President and Founder of OsteoStrong, has created a system that delivers an all-natural solution that actually reverses the clock for just about everyone that gives it a try. "OsteoStrong is the natural way to trigger a person's built-in adaptive responses that will increase bone density, balance, and physical strength at any age, guaranteed."

"OsteoStrong is for people of all ages and currently has clients from 8 to 97 years of age taking advantage of the amazing results with minimal effort. The simple concept is set to change the paradigm of how Americans increase bone density, strength, and balance with the once-a-week system that only takes about seven minutes per session. Also, it doesn't leave people feeling sore or sweaty," said Zagrodzky. "More than 30,000 people have already seen the results for themselves, and best of all, they come to their session dressed as they are, no workout clothes needed. We see results in about a week, and they continue to go up from there."

"Scientific research and countless personal testimonies are making OsteoStrong the number one choice for strong bones, strong muscles, and belter balance. It's the most effective anti-aging solution, because it works from the inside-out, and it works every time."

Zagrodzky said, "You no longer need harmful medication or hours of strenuous exercise to reverse osteoporosis, improve balance, eliminate joint, back and knee pain, reverse fibromyalgia, or just regain your physical strength." He added, "many customers are also experiencing weight loss as a result of their OsteoStrong sessions as well. It's a nice side effect that many who come to us do not anticipate."

Zagrodzky went on to express one of his original motivations behind the OsteoStrong system and said, "The CDC reported that 1/3 of Americans over the age of 65 will have a fall-related injury. Many of those will lead to fatalities or hospitalization." He went on to say, "50 percent of all women and 30 percent of all men will experience a broken bone after the age of 50. Because of what OsteoStrong is doing for people, these are statistics we can easily change for the better."

For athletes, OsteoStrong' s internal combine studies consistently show that individuals at the top of their athletic ability notice measurable performance and strength increases in as little as four sessions. 100% of all participants have documented increased performance in the areas of chest press, broad jump, horizontal jump and 40 yard dash. "It's such a simple concept that requires so little time and effort. The best part about it is that it just works time after time and the results are so predictable", said Zagrodzky.

A session at OsteoStrong is unlike anything anyone has ever experienced. The goal of an OsteoStrong session is to trigger a person's own natural adaptive responses that will cause natural growth in bone and muscle tissue, just like people experienced when they are young and growing.

Once the natural process of tissue growth has been triggered, the human body does the rest of the work. Just like cutting hair or finger nails more frequently will not cause them to grow any faster, more frequent sessions at OsteoStrong will not accelerate bone or muscle tissue growth beyond what a single session can accomplish each week.

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