Success in Three Easy Steps


Posted: March 21st, 2016

Category: Franchise Experts

As a Franchise Coach, I mainly deal with entrepreneurs and people who want to run their own business. I am commonly asked share my “secrets” to success. If you Google “secrets to success”, you’ll get 145 million responses in about two-thirds of a second! Moreover, this is such a popular search term that Google has assigned pattern search phrases for it (success in life, business, living, etc.). I’d like to share my 3-step approach to success, and as with all things opinionated, your mileage may vary:

3 steps to success

1. Make your bed!

It may sound strange, but have you ever wondered why every military cadet is required to make their beds and routinely has their bed-making skills inspected and challenged? Here’s the secret: self-discipline matters.  If you make it a habit to make your bed every morning, then you have accomplished something tangible right out of the gate. This provides a positive feeling and leads to the rest of your daily tasks. The compound effect of this simply action is truly powerful.  What better way to start your day than with a measurable accomplishment!

2. Get to work early!

As a franchise coach I hear many business people brag about 14-16 hour days.  Some even discuss their weekend hours. It almost seems like a masochistic badge of honor to spend more hours at the office, all in an effort to show they are not intimidated by hard work. Guess what? Nobody cares.  The issue is not the number of hours you put in but rather, when you put those hours in, especially if you work in a leadership position.  Show up before your employees and leave on time. Everyone will know that you were first in the office, put a full day and got your work done.  Stay late and everyone will think, “Look, that poor guy has to stay late again.  He is always behind and trying to catch up in the evenings.”  If you are the owner, being first in has the added advantage of knowing when your workers actually arrive.

3. Learn to Listen & Listen to Learn!

Someone a whole lot wiser than me once shared this great piece of advice. Once you figure out that you don’t actually know everything, you’ll start to open your mind.  This is the first step in learning and will serve you well as you venture into greater and more complex business dealings.

While these three nuggets of wisdom may seem simple and straightforward, once you take the time to actually integrate them into your everyday life you will start to see a difference. At the very least, you’ll 1.) have accomplished at least one thing that day, 2.) feel better and find you are more efficient by getting to work earlier (and your commute may even be easier!), and 3.) you may just learn something new. And who knows where that will lead.