Top 10 Small Business Franchise Ideas

By Ben Baggett

Posted : January 28, 2008

Category : Editorial

Top 10 Small Business Franchise Ideas

Chances are, if you are looking for the freedom that comes from owning your own business or franchise you have spent some serious time considering a small business. Other business opportunities to free you from the corporate ladder would also include a franchise business which allows you the freedom to be your own boss while using an existing market rather than having to create your own. But what many people may not initially realize is that there are home based businesses and small businesses that are also franchise opportunities. Here are the top ten small business franchises that offer the beauty of a low cost franchise and the convenience and freedom of a home based business or small business franchise.

1. Synergy HomeCare Franchise

This small business franchise allows you to provide a huge need to a local area or community in delivering non-medical in home care. There is a large demand for in home care especially for the elderly and Synergy HomeCare offers a desired alternative to full care facilities. Synergy HomeCare offers financing assistance, training and support, and a 5 day training program for startup. The liquid capital required is $100,000 and the total investment is $49,240 – $99,540.

2. Capital Consultants Training and Learning Systems

If you have a knack for teaching and training and a head for business, this could be the perfect small business franchise opportunity for you. Extreme flexibility and very affordable investment startup make this low cost franchise a very appealing small business opportunity. Receive training and then train others as a capital consultant by offering several finance and project funding programs that your client will attend to make their capital businesses more successful. The liquid capital required is only $20,000 and the total investment is $17,495 and they offer complete training and support.

3. Roni Deutch Tax Center Franchise

You are probably familiar with the saying that the only two things that are certain in life are death and taxes. Perhaps you want to avoid the death business? Then what better way to meet a need that will always be certain by running your own tax center. The business opportunity here offers an incredibly flexible small business franchise opportunity. With 240 million tax returns filed in 2007 what better market for a guaranteed need in the small business circle. Roni Deutch Tax Center offers a strong name and leadership, professional training and support, and prime territories. Liquid capital required is $40,000 – $50,000 and a total investment of $40,000 – $90,000.

4. Infinite Marketing Distributorship

If you are looking for something new and innovative that offers a very low cost startup and can be run as a home business then you should definitely take a good look at Infinite Marketing. They offer a new and very technologically advanced tool in the video business card. You will not be producing, or filming videos, but rather focusing on the sales and marketing of this innovation. The  total investment matches the liquid capital required and is only $17,500.

5. Kangaroo Bob’s Franchise

Many would-be small business franchise owners are looking for something that is home based and can allow them the freedom to work with their own schedule. Many times this is because of a desire to be around their children. This business opportunity involves creating and running games in a party environment. Kangaroo Bob’s has two options for a small business franchise owner, the first is the walkabout franchise where you provide parties at your client’s locations, and the second is a site based experience. A site-based center package is a $250,000 – $400,00 investment, or for a more low cost franchise opportunity you need only a $45,000 total investment.

6. i9 Sports Amateur Sports League Franchise

You’ve heard the term “soccer mom”. You know they drive SUV’s, but they also put their children in active leagues, and not just soccer but a variety of league sports all over the country. i9 Sports Amateur Sports League offers you the opportunity to own your small business franchise that provides sports leagues that are less competitive and more cooperative. i9 Sports provides children ages 3-14 with sports leagues with light practice schedules and equal playing time opportunities. If you have a passion for children and sports you should seriously consider i9. They require a liquid capital of $60,000 and a total investment of $39,500 – $64,900 and also offer financing assistance and training.

7. VacuVent Duct & Vent Cleaning Franchise

For a simple and very low cost franchise that offers a home based business person the ability to start quick and grow fast consider VacuVent Duct & Vent Cleaning Franchise. VacuVent offers a clean and safe process for vent and duct cleaning and are the creators of their system; a system that provides the healthy indoor air that more and more people are realizing is so important.  This industry will only continue to grow which is why this business opportunity is so appealing.  They offer training, support, and financing assistance and the liquid capital and total investment is $10,000

8. LTS LeaderBoard Franchise

One of the most popular fundraisers and charity events in the USA is the golf tournament. For celebrities, non-profit organizations, hospitals and churches, golf tournaments are extremely popular and profitable. LTS LeaderBoard provides you with a business opportunity to sell an innovative technology in scoring and display for golf tournaments. Total investment of $48,000 – $120,000 which matches the liquid capital required.

9. Goin’ Postal Shipping Franchise

With the success of internet business and sales, shipping is at an all time high and many small business entrepreneurs are opening their own shipping franchise businesses. Goin’ Postal offers the freedom of a small business with the awareness and support of a large chain. This business opportunity can be set up and run for around $45,000. They also offer the full turn key system for $117,00 which includes rent, fixtures and copiers, or a low cost opportunity in the Express Kiosk for only $3,995.

10. WIN Home Inspection Franchise

Every time a house is bought or sold an inspection is performed, sometimes multiple inspections. With WIN Home Inspection you have a business opportunity to run a home based franchise that provides a constantly sought after service to all home owners and future home owners alike. WIN Home Inspection can help you build and secure a great reputation in this business.  With WIN you receive comprehensive training and support, they offer financing assistance and an investment of $27,800 – $49,050 plus working capital.

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