2018 Costs & Fees

  • Liquid Capital Required: $100,000
  • Net Worth Required: $300,000
  • Total Investment: $300,000 - $500,000

Company Details

  • Year Founded: 1955
  • Home Office: Inwood, NY

Introducing the Lucrative Coin Laundry Industry

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An Electrolux coin laundry is a complete turn-key package. It includes store design, signage, expert marketing support through Laundrylux Creative Services (LCS), and superior equipment designed to increase your profits. Electrolux innovations create a unique laundry experience for your customers and earn more money for you.

Need financing? Look no further. Laundrylux Financial Services offers flexible programs, low rates, and laundry industry expertise.

Not sure how to get started? We provide marketing expertise and support to help make your laundry a success. This service is unique in the industry and available only to Electrolux storeowners.

“Help from Laundrylux Creative Services has been invaluable. LCS played a major part in why I chose to buy Electrolux equipment…and we have already opened our 2nd Electrolux store.” –S. Elliott, Sophia Laundry

About the Industry

The laundry business is stable and has been steadily growing for nearly 70 years.
Laundry owners see an average ROI of 20-35%. Customers provide the primary labor and there is demand for service on a weekly, repetitive basis. There are no franchise fees and the failure rate and start-up costs are much lower than with franchise investments and many other small businesses. It‘s a proven business model.

Ideal Candidate

Join the world of satisfied Electrolux Professional owners and put the powerful Electrolux brand to work for you! Electrolux Equipped laundry centers deliver exceptional branded value:

    Laundrylux Interior

  • Great Investment with average ROI of 20-35%
  • No franchise fees
  • High weekly repeat business
  • Profitable in all economies
  • Cash business with no inventory or receivables
  • Exceptional local distributor support
  • Electrolux technology saves you time and money
  • World class products and reputation for quality
  • Expert marketing assistance to help build your business

Satisfied Electrolux Store Owners

“With Electrolux washers and dryers, my utilities are only 9-11% each month! By using Electrolux soft-mount equipment, we saved more than $25,000 in construction costs and opened 4 weeks earlier than we would have with a solid-mount store. Electrolux washers and dryers are my lean, green machines!”
– Connie Ihrke, Owner of the all-Electrolux Belmont Eco Laundry

“I am proud to offer my community Electrolux products. I wanted to raise the bar and create a whole new laundry experience - and Electrolux was the perfect partner to help make that happen. Whenever I'm asked the question "What makes your store green" the answer is simple: it's the machines. The Electrolux models last longer, use less water and less energy, plus they dry faster.”
– Colleen Unema, Owner of the all-Electrolux Q-Laundry in Washington


We have the commercial laundry financing you need – flexible programs, low rates, and laundry industry expertise.

Laundrylux Financial Services (LFS) has been financing coin laundry and on-premises laundry operations for more than 50 years. Our laundry finance programs provide easy, flexible terms, low interest rates and no pre-payment penalties available to qualified customers. We have a simple application process and make quick decisions. We offer personal service, dedicated support and laundry industry-specific expertise. We will walk you through the entire process and make it as smooth as possible. You are our top priority. Laundrylux Customer

We can help you:

  • Build a new self-service / coin laundromat
  • Modernize or retool your coin laundry business

Laundrylux Financial Services has a seasoned staff of experts ready to serve you. Let us create a financing plan that specifically meets your needs. We can help make your dream of owning a coin laundry business a reality!

Electrolux Professional Laundry Equipment

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High-performance laundry equipment, green product design:

Global leader Electrolux manufactures professional laundry equipment with the customers’ needs first and foremost. All products are designed for reliability, low water and energy usage, long-life, and low running costs. Electrolux Professional Laundry is constantly working on reducing the environmental impact of products and factories according to the strictest standards – while providing customers with best-in-class laundry solutions.

Global leader Electrolux delivers exceptional branded value and unique innovations designed to make you more money and grow your business.

About Us

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Established in 1955, Laundrylux has helped thousands of entrepreneurs open successful vended laundries across North America. We provide our customers with world-renowned professional laundry equipment under the Electrolux brand, as well as financing solutions and marketing support. Our expert distributors manage the entire process including construction, supplying and installing the equipment, financing, and more.

Call us today for more information – and ask about special financing. Put the power of the Electrolux brand to work for you!

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