Covid-Proof Franchises, Con't.

How Businesses Stay Afloat During Tough Times


Posted: June 24th, 2020

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Who makes up your current customer base, and what needs you are fulfilling for them?  How has the marketplace for your business typically reacted in tough times like this, such as a recession?

Sure Step - Typically in a recession, people realize that they want to take control of their own destiny and begin looking for a business that is recession proof, such as ours.  These times are not normal, but many people recognize that once the economy comes back and flourishes, the last thing a business owner would want is a slip and fall lawsuit. The customer base has always been desperate for a solution so it has been welcomed in anywhere from Nursing Homes to Restaurants to Truck Stops and everywhere in between. Any floor is an opportunity.

Covid-Proof Franchises, Con

Commercial Capital Training Group - The customers for our graduates is any business. Small or large that needs capital. Our graduates understand this and our opportunity is one of the few that absolutely grows and is in demand during a down economy. Our lenders are less stringent then banks and often times be easier to get an approval when traditional banks decline deals.

Bio-One - In most cases people that have suffered a tragedy. As a Crime Scene and Trauma Cleaning Company we help our customers get their lives back to normal as quickly as possible.

Blue Coast Savings - We help businesses of all sizes from mom and pops to fortune 500 companies. The key to our business is we offer services companies cannot do themselves and more importantly generally don’t know about. This creates our value and companies will always have business expenses so we will always be here to help uncover them overpaying. We do NOT switch and save we either find savings or no fee on about all of their line item expenses.  Besides auditing credit card, waste, wireless, utility, shipping and workers comp premiums we bring the highest expense reduction services that exist like turning companies accounts payable departments into profit centers for the very first time. We bring rebates on paying their vendors and suppliers and we save them by eliminating checks all for free. We save companies 25% or more on their shipping expenses by bringing them revolutionary shipping platform that automates their shipping departments solves their supplier chain issues and best part its free. We save companies 250,000 per million spend on their 2nd highest expense Healthcare.   We also bring a free app and service to the 80 million hourly employees in the country with access to their earned wages that day, on our dime. Our savings average $750,000 per 1000 employees and best part it’s free to employer and their hourly employees. We pioneer each of these flagship services to businesses all across the country.

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20k Minimum Cash Required

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20k Minimum Cash Required

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20k Minimum Cash Required

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80k Minimum Cash Required
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