Covid-Proof Franchises, Con’t.

Efforts to Stay Afloat During the Pandemic


Posted: June 24th, 2020

Category: Franchise Experts

What has your company done in an effort to keep business afloat during this time?

Sure Step - By adding the Disinfectant to our Sure Step product line, our sales have soared.  We can now offer a Disinfectant that is in very high demand, and we have an unlimited supply. Ours Distributors are ordering multiple pallets weekly. This has kept our Distributors business afloat and created a 2nd source of repeat business for our Distributor network. They have never been happier!

Covid-Proof Franchises, Con’t.

Commercial Capital Training Group - We have made our 7-day training classes virtual so we conduct live training form our headquarters and people can learn and interact right from the safety of their own home.

Bio-One - This is what we do as a Bio-Hazard Remediation Company. Really no changes to our business format.

Blue Coast Savings - The most important thing today is how can you help a company through this pandemic and come out of this pandemic. We show companies how we are part of their solution to recover through this pandemic.

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