Covid-Proof Franchises, Con't.

What Prospects Are Saying During This Time


Posted: June 24th, 2020

Category: Franchise Experts

What are you hearing from prospective distributors?  Are you getting more inquiries?  Are you hearing more and more that people want to hold off until the virus scare is behind us? 

Sure Step - Some people certainly are holding off as they are nervous about this pandemic, however we have many people that are not discouraged and have realized the benefit of what our business offers.  Additionally we are finding that people more than ever before want to take control of their life and now realize what they are missing is freedom and independence in their lives.

Covid-Proof Franchises, Con

Commercial Capital Training Group - They are ready to go now! They understand the simple concept of how every real estate investor and business owners needs capital. They hear about it in the news. Therefore our concept is in high demand in a down or good economy  as the need for capital is always at an all-time high.

Bio-One - We have always had a very high volume of candidate inquiries. At the onset on Covid-19 we did experience a reduced lead flow for a couple of weeks. It appears that our lead flow is back to about 90% of what it was prior to Covid.

Blue Coast Savings - Our inquires have picked up due to savings. We hear people are nervous about their corporate job and will they be laid off. They are looking at a business that they can work alongside their day job and from home. We see the serious people running fast in our company so they can be part of the solution with our services helping companies as they come through this pandemic. Everyone is nervous so prospects are taking a hard look at what makes sense today and in the future.

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