2018 Costs & Fees

Liquid Capital Required:$25,000 - $55,000

FranchisePrep Consulting Information:

Welcome to your best business yet.

A while back, you launched a great idea -- one so good that you're now on the brink of making it a major regional or national success. You're thinking about franchising, the same method that grew some of the biggest and most profitable companies in the world. Today, more businesses than ever are looking into franchising as the ideal way to expand into new markets, while reducing both cost and risk to you.

FranchisePrep exists to help you at this critical point on your business path. We'll help you make a fully informed assessment to determine whether franchising is right for you, then guide you through every step toward making a replicable and most of all successful franchise business, including the ins and outs of every aspect of management, training and relationship building.

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