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Franchise Ownership and Your Financial Legacy

Want to create a lasting legacy that can be passed on to your children? When you first think of buying a franchise business that may not be your initial goal, but a franchise is a great way to give your children (or spouse) a valuable and sustainable income source. It’s never too early to plan...Read More

By Suzanne Musial

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Funny Franchise Names that Mean Serious Business

Zoup! Fast-casual restaurants continue to be one of the fastest growing segments of the franchise industry. Zoup! offers a niche soup concept within this booming category with its premium and proprietary soups served along with sandwiches and salads all made with fresh, all-natural ingredients. At...

By Suzanne Musial

The Future of Franchising

The state of the franchising industry? Strong as ever. Like the stock market, the franchise industry goes through equivocations, usually tracking against shifts in the economy. But over the long haul, franchise businesses, just like the stock market, have proven to be among the soundest...

By Suzanne Musial

With This Business, I Thee Wed: 6 Things to Consider When Going into Business with Your Spouse

Lucy and Desi. Melinda and Bill. Jay-Z and Beyonce. These famous business partner couples have made it look relatively easy. What you don’t see, though, is the hard work they likely had to go through to create a partnership that works for both their personal and business lives. If you’re...

Why Franchising Is Great for Women

In the past, buying a franchise may have been considered more of a man's game, but all that has changed. From 2010 to 2015, the number of women in franchising increased by 45 percent according to Entrepreneur. And the International Franchising Association (IFA) reported that women owned...

By Suzanne Musial

Why Veterans Make Great Franchisees

According to the International Franchise Association as reported in Forbes magazine, one out of every seven franchises in the United States is owned by a veteran. Franchisors welcome veterans with open arms, giving them special incentives and training programs to help the transition from the...

By Suzanne Musial

Top 10 Traits of Successful Franchisees

Becoming a franchisee is not for everyone. Successful franchisees have many characteristics in common that help them to be successful. Here are the top 10 traits they possess: 1. Leader / Communicator.Successful franchisees are typically successful leaders. A great leader is someone who is...

By Suzanne Musial

How to Determine If an Emerging Franchise Is Right for You

Franchise Gator is excited to present this guest article from Lori Kiser-Block, a long-time associate of Franchise Gator. Recently, Lori founded The Decide Group which provides assistance to emerging franchise brands. We asked Lori for this contribution, as her insight is perfectly aligned with...

4 Reasons Franchising is Perfect for Retirees

Retirement used to be the time to live off your nest egg and Social Security, see the world, and spend time with your grandkids. Increasingly, however, many retirees are finding out that life after work isn't everything they thought it would be. Maybe their grandkids are busy going to sports...

By Suzanne Musial | Updated February 28, 2017

8 Top Qualities for Franchisees

According to franchise coach and longtime franchisee Joel Libava, aka "The Franchise King," there is a set of personality characteristics that is more suited to franchising than others. "It's so important for people to figure out before they even start looking around if they are...

By Suzanne Musial | Updated February 28, 2017

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